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|| News Item: Posted 2002-10-29

Photographer thrown to ground by security guard at World Series
Overzealous guard harms V.J. Lovero after Game 7

By Brad Mangin,

Photo by Brad Mangin/MLB Photos

Photo by Brad Mangin/MLB Photos

Have you seen this security guard on the right wearing the burgundy blazer along side Tim Salmon? Minutes after this picture was taken he shoved V.J. Lovero to the ground.
Two weeks ago camera equipment was stolen from a photo position at Pacific Bell Park after the Giants won the National League pennant because of a lack of security. Last week there were a few incidents involving fans and photographers during the World Series games in San Francisco. Now there has been an incident involving an overzealous guard and a photographer at Edison Field in Anaheim.

A large African-American male security guard wearing a burgundy blazer and a gold tie shoved aside 20-year Anaheim Angels club photographer V.J. Lovero and threw him to the ground during the post-game celebration after Game 7 of the 2002 World Series at Edison Field on Sunday night.

After the trophy presentation Angels outfielder Tim Salmon took the World Series Trophy in the infield and began to head down the right field line holding it aloft over his head while being followed by many photographers trying to get pictures of him as he ran into right field. Lovero was among the followers until he was shoved to the ground by the guard pictured on this page.

We are looking for anyone who might have been on the field that night to come forward with any pictures they might have of V.J. being thrown to the ground, etc. Also, if anyone was shooting this event from the outfield or from an overhead spot you might have a picture of this incident. If you have such a picture or might have some information to help put a stop to problems like this please email V.J. at the link below.

Photo by Brad Mangin/MLB Photos

Photo by Brad Mangin/MLB Photos

The overzealous guard is seen from behind following Salmon in right field after he shoved Lovero to the ground. Also following Salmon is Mike Blake of Reuters and Jed Jacobsohn of Allsport/Getty.
Overzealous security guards are becoming more and more of a problem that we the media have to deal with every day, especially since 9/11 as we try and do our jobs. Lovero was the unfortunate victim this time as this incident is especially troubling, since it happened in the ballpark where he has worked as a part of the home team for the last 20 seasons.

Photographers are not the enemy. We are only trying to do our jobs. We can't hurt an athlete like Salmon as he runs around the outfield holding a heavy trophy over his head. Security guards need to be better educated, either from their supervisors or club officials that we in the media are only doing our jobs and are not star-crazed fans who are trying to touch our heroes.

The Angels are looking into this matter on V.J.’s behalf. Anything any of our readers can do to help V.J. now and to help all of us in the future by contributing evidence of this incident would be much appreciated.

Please email V.J. at the link below if you have any information that might help his case.

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