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|| News Item: Posted 2002-10-01

FOOTBALL…What happened??? Samy's Specials
By Louis Feldman, Samy's Camera

Photo by
It's time for the best season of the year. There is no better season than Football Season. It's like coming home, like a warm cup of soup on a winter day, like comfy pajamas on the rainy weekend. Football is almost synonymous with comfort food. So why does it feel so uncomfortable to some?

We get ready every year to watch the gridiron play out on the field and witness the legacies beat out the lesser known. This year as in years recently past it has become apparent that the legacies no longer have control of the gridiron stage. Every team is IN the game. There are some that find this offensive and detrimental to the tradition of football, but I say "Phooey on them".

Football is exciting again! You don't walk into a stadium or sit in front of the TV screen and know who is going to over-power whom. It could be any team at any time and yeah, on any given day. If we knew who was going to win, our interest wouldn't be held nor would our Vegas bets be too interesting.

I myself am disappointed the Redskins are not holding up to their press and are essentially rolling over already. But hey…I can see the side of reason that says, this is a game that should not be overwhelmingly won by one team, I want to see match -ups. I want to see a good game.

And now that it is the BEST SEASON who better to help you out with your photographic needs than the BEST PHOTO STORE… Samy's Camera.

Samy's is the perfect match for any photographer.

The NEW Nikon D100 is on stock ready to ship as is the Fujifilm S2 Pro. Samy's has all the new Nikon glass that fits both the D100 and the S2. The ED glass is the best you can find and you bet you can find it here at the best prices anywhere.

For the Canon shooters Samy's has the D60 and don't forget the memory cards. Samy's Camera has 1 GB Microdrives for $269.95 with a Zio Reader as well as the Lexar 1GB cards for $599.00. Contact Louis Feldman for the best prices and up to date pricing and availability.

And to make certain you're ready to get on the sidelines Samy's Camera has a few deals for you to take advantage of before you head out to the field. If you've been looking to make the jump to medium format, Samy's has incredible deals on demo Hasselblad Equipment and to make sure you're subject is lit, Samy's has the Speedotron 2401SX Demo Packs for an incredible $999.00. Call for info on all these products and more. Louis Feldman is here to answer all your questions on photo equipment and even some sports queries. Or 323-938-2420.

(Samy's Camera has three locations in Southern California. You can find specials and equipment links from Samy's on the website.)

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