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|| News Item: Posted 2002-08-31

Get ready for football with Penn Camera
By Jeff Snyder

Are you ready for some football??? Coach Steve Spurier and the Washington Redskins are certainly performing well this pre-season, and it looks like it'll be a very exciting fall here in the DC area. Don't forget our University of Maryland Terrapins too, just down the street in College Park … If you have plans to cover a game here, please stop by and say hello at one of our locations throughout the DC metro region.

Ok, here's the scoop for September.

Nikon has just announced the following CASH back rebates, beginning September 1st, through December 31st: 14mm $100, 20mm $50, 24mm $25, 28mm $35, 35mm $40, 85mm f1.8 $40, 180mm $70, 300mm f4 AFS $100, 300mm f2.8 AFS $400, 17-35 f2.8 $100, 18-35mm $50, 24-85mm $35, 24-120mm $50, 28-70 f2.8 AFS $100, 28-80 $10, 28-100mm $10, 28-105mm $40, 28-200mm $75, 35-70 f2.8 $70, 70-300mm $35, 80-400VR $100, 60 Micro $40, 85 f2.8PC $150, and 105 Micro $70....AND SB50DX Flash $25, plus the SB80DX Flash $30 Rebate....

Nikon D100's should be in stock for immediate delivery by press time, as well as the MBD-100 Grip and ENEL3 Batteries ...D1H and D1X camera's continue to be extremely popular too! Our stock levels of all Nikon cameras, lenses, Scanners and accessories is very good, so call me for those hard to find items.

Canon has lowered the pricing on some selective lenses and film cameras as of September 1st. D60's are still dribbling in and EOS1D's should be in stock for immediate delivery..

Photo by

NEW from Kinetronics is the "SpeckGRABBER Pro Cleaning Tool.
Don't get caught in the rain without your … Camera Raincoat … We have plenty of the Photo-Fax digital camera raincoats in stock … click on "Cool Stuff"

Lexar's 1GB Compact Flash Card is now $599, including shipping! Call me to order these....Microtech's High Speed 512mb is now $299....

NEW from Kinetronics is the "SpeckGRABBER Pro Cleaning Tool"... SpeckGRABBER is a unique tool designed to remove individual contaminant particles from delicate and sensitive surfaces without danger of damaging or causing additional contamination.

A small soft washable pad on the end of the SpeckGRABBER provides a high adhesion surface that sticks to contaminant particles with considerably more cohesive force than the contaminated surface. When the SpeckGRABBER is put in contact with the particle, it adheres to the particle, while leaving no residue on the contacted surface.

The SpeckGRABBER is non-conductive, and can be used on active CCDs allowing the technician to monitor the decontamination process. The SpeckGRABBER can be used on disk drive heads, optical sensors such a CCD arrays, mirrors and lenses, UV windows, films and silicon wafers among other hard to clean surfaces. The SpeckGRABBER Pro model has a heavy-duty rubberized grip and can be repeatedly cleaned in water, or soap solution without diminishing its adhesive qualities. They are $9.99 ea....See it at:
Lowepro's new Road Runner Mini backpack with wheels have been extremely popular, and are now in stock at the Sports Shooter Special at $259....Lowepro's all weather backpack the "DryZone" is fantastic for those wet rainy games ...Take a look here:, and available at the Sports Shooter Special price of $199.

Photo by

Moose Peterson's new book, "The Nikon D1 Generation."
Moose Peterson's new book, "The Nikon D1 Generation" is now available. A revolution is taking place, being led by a single generation of cameras, the D1! The amazing D1 generation, the D1, D1x and D1H has grabbed photographers' imaginations and delivered the images professionals have come to expect from their gear. Unlike any previous camera though, digital cameras require more knowledge than just f/stop and shutter speed. It's that extra knowledge you'll find in The D1 Generation! $27 …

CD storage in pages? Yes, now you can! Printfile's new CBD pages: PrintFile CDB-4 Archival CD/DVD Storage Pages 25 Sheet, Each page holds 4 CD's, DVD's, or CD ROM's. Protect from dust, scratches, and fingerprints, Archival quality, NO PVC - safe for long-term storage, Self cleaning, non-stick polypropylene. $15/pack of 25 pages

Quantum has announced a trade in program for their newer FREEWIRE Radio Slaves.....Buy a pair of FREEWIRE units, and send Quantum a pair of Quantum Radio Slave 4 or 4i, and Quantum will send you $125.
As always...Please feel free to contact me anytime:
Jeff Snyder--Penn Camera
1-800-347-5770 301-210-7370 Fax
AOL Instant Messenger: JeffPennCamera

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