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|| News Item: Posted 2002-08-31

Samy's Camera - From Baseline to goal line:
The End of Summer Begins "THE" Season

By Katelyn Sterling

Labor Day for the most part marks the end of summer and the beginning of the greatest season there is …Football Season!

Before that though there is the match ups between the raqueteers of the sporting world. From Agassi to Sampras, Roddick to Kuerten and of course the Williams sisters, no one can mistake the sheer splendor of raw power and talent that exists in the sport of tennis. Or can they?

As a tennis player myself I find that it takes great skill, discipline and consistency to become a great player. If we were to judge our sporting events the way we judge our runway models we would not be watching the game for the sport but for the sports bra. Anna, Anna, Anna. What on earth possessed anyone to allow her into the contest to begin with? If she was somehow figuring on her cute smile and swaggering money maker to win her the match, she obviously was sorely mistaken. In fact, for the first time the crowd showed true devotion to the sport rather than the spectacle.

If I'm going to pay and arm and a leg for a ticket, another body part for bottled water, allow my possessions to get scrutinized and endure the traffic, the parking hell that is the US Open…then by golly I want to see some "Great" tennis matches! When 40 unforced errors were part of Kournikova's game on opening day, the crowd "booed'" her off the court.

And rightfully so. She had no consistency, no skill and her discipline was a distant memory. It's obvious that the organization tries to entice spectators to the sport with spectacle but were surprised to find that the fans came to see their heros play…not prance around in short skirts.

As photographers however, there is a fine line between sport and spectacle. This year more so than ever with all the new safety and security measures, the photographers' pen was cut in half.

Got to make every shot count this year and who better to help capture the rallies, the lobs, and the aces than your photographic friends at Samy's Camera. Samy's has what you need to get the job done on the courts and make certain that you're covered after the match.

Photo by

Speedotron 2401SX Demo Packs are an incredible $999.00!
The NEW Nikon D100 is on stock ready to ship as is the Fujifilm S2 Pro. Samy's has all the new Nikon glass that fits both the D100 and the S2. The ED glass is the best you can find and you bet you can find it here at the best prices anywhere.

For the Canon shooters Samy's has the D60 and don't forget the memory cards. Samy's Camera has 1 GB Microdrives for $269.95 with a Zio Reader as well as the Lexar 1GB cards for $599.00. Contact Louis Feldman for the best prices and up to date pricing and availability.

It's Football Season and the Washington Redskins are looking Goooood! I'm going to leave it at that.

However, to make certain you're ready to get on the sidelines Samy's Camera has a few deals for you to take advantage of before you head out to the field. If you've been looking to make the jump to medium format, Samy's has incredible deals on demo Hasselblad Equipment and to make sure you're subject is lit, Samy's has the Speedotron 2401SX Demo Packs for an incredible $999.00. Call for info on all these products and more. Louis Feldman is here to answer all your questions on photo equipment and even some sports queries. Or 323-938-2420.

(Samy's Camera has three locations in Southern California. You can find specials and equipment links from Samy's on the web site.)

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