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|| News Item: Posted 2002-08-31

PHOTODUDE: Fire Up for Football
By Photo Dude

This month, we managed to pull the Photodude away from Madden: 2003 on his PlayStation 2 long enough to answer some more of your questions.


Hey Dude,

Football season is upon us. Give me some inspiration. Get me fired up!


Pigskin Photog in Puyallup


Isn't the best part about sports that just when you're getting tired of one sport, the next one comes along? I mean, just when the NBA regular season is starting to snooze before the playoffs, Spring Training arrives. And just when 90 percent of the teams in baseball are eliminated, football rolls around. And just after the Super Bowl, it's time for March Madness. And then the Masters. And then back to Opening Day. If you're looking for evidence of God's great hand on the design of our world, look no further.

It's like the perfect design of the four seasons...oh wait, I'm digressing (I learned that word in community college last week).

Back to football. Let's get fired up.

Maybe the BEST collections of college football images is a book produced by Rich Clarkson called Game Day, USA. Published back in 1990 by Kodak, this book is a seminal (is my improved vocabulary losing you yet?) volume including work by some of the greatest photographers of the day, sports shooters or not. Included (among others) are Sam Abell, Bill Eppridge, Arthur Grace, Brian Lanker, and Douglas Kirkland. Oh, and lest I forget, Sportsshooter member David Burnett!

It may be out-of-print. Find a copy. The photography is absolutely sick. If it doesn't make you want to run down the tunnel into the stadium and make some killer photos, then nothing will. Wanna go old school? "The Sports Photography of Robert Riger" is a great collection of sports photos from the '50's and '60's. His photograph of Ray Nitschke and his teammates sitting on the sidelines caked in mud during the 1960 season is timeless.

(Links to find this book on appear at the bottom of this page.)

As far as magazines, look no further than Sports Illustrated's opening spreads, entitled, "Leading Off". Over the next few weeks there should be plenty of gems. One that immediately comes to mind is Bob Rosato's recent shot of a player flying over defenders in a preseason game.

Or, ESPN the Magazine now has double-truck opening spreads (by the way, I know these two mags are bitter competitors, but isn't it eerie the way they occasionally resemble each other? Kinda like Time and Newsweek used to do. Oh, wait, I'm digressing again.

Another thing that's caught my eye are the still photos being used in montage (oh baby, there's another word) in the ESPN college football commercials. (By the way, if anyone knows who shot those, gimme a holler - dude deserves some props).

By the way, I see you're trying to test the ol' Dude, huh? The Dude is enough of a football freak to know that Puyallup is in Washington, and is the town that bestowed the following quarterbacks on the N.F.L. -- Damon and Brock Huard, and Billy Joe Hobert. None of whom are/were any good. Try again.

That's it. I'm out. Peace, love and the new Phish tour.


Confidential to Kevin Cox: I looked at your double-play picture. It's not bad. If you were a pro I'd be dogging you right now. But you're still in college. Since you're a student, you get a free pass on this one, since you have to "walk before you can run". Keep it in your portfolio for now, but get it out of there as soon as you get a cool home plate collision, a player making a diving catch, or something else cool and funky.


Confidential to Photozhito: You asked what number four is on the list of baseball cliches'. Look again at the issue, it's all there dude.


(The Photodude is here for you. Write/bitch/complain/rant/rave to

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