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|| News Item: Posted 2002-07-31

Samy's Summer Specials
The Importance of Baseball and Being Out of the "Woods"

By Katelyn Sterling

Photo by
To strike or not to strike…that is the question. It seems that no matter how you look at it the only people who end up getting hurt are the working stiffs who rely on the sport to make a living from Spring to Fall. Photographers included. Nothing has driven this home as much as the recent death of John Entwhistle, the bassist for the English Rock and Roll band "The Who".

On the eve of the launch of their world tour in Las Vegas, the bassist was found in his room dead of a heart attack. Apparently he had a heart condition. After struggling with the decision whether to continue the tour or not, the remaining group members, Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey consulted with Entwhistle's family and came to the conclusion to go on with the tour.

Now, the decision wasn't made for the sake of the money in their pockets, since they both have other creative ventures, the decision was made on behalf of all the roadies, ticket takers, ushers, lighting guys, set designers and everyone who comes along for the ride.

The whole package. These people were to be employed by the band to go on tour. No matter what city they had booked, there was a set of people who rely on the draw, who rely on the jobs the band created for them this summer. This was a tough decision to be made by the remaining band members but in a time of a hard economy it's difficult to fault them for their dedication to a commitment.

Baseball and all the players involved in this sport should understand that this wonderful job they have of playing a game for money is much more to many more people than the players' overflowing bank accounts.

From the peanut vendors to the beer guys, from the ticket takers to the photographers, without baseball there is a definite lull in their meager bank accounts. Sports photographers are as affected as anyone else if they are paid by the shot and not on salary. It's too bad the business of baseball always gets in the way of the sport of baseball

But when the season either continues on it's merry way or quits on us and decides to strike up anew be sure you're equipped to make some lasting shots with Samy's Camera's killer deals on all your most important camera gear. Everything you need in Digital and every lens you'll need to capture every moment, Samy's has it all. Be the first person on the baseball field with a NEW Nikon D-100, Canon D-60 or a Fujifilm S2 Pro as the season starts to round second. Call or e-mail Louis Feldman at or 323-938-2420.

As a photographer whether digital or traditional there should always be a sense of pride in your work. The recent British Golf Open had many teeth grinding moments when Tiger Woods shot his worst game ever.

Well it seemed that some photographers could say the same about their shots. Here we have a moment in sports history where every newspaper cover seemed to want to have one shot of Tiger's disappointment. His downfall. His despair. Most of the shots that were printed were great.

Most photo editors take great pride in selecting the best shot to fulfill the moment and to grasp the readership. So why is it that there were at least 2 (that I personally saw) shots that had more pixels in them than heart? Was this the photo editor's fault or was there a breakdown in the high speed modem line? And this photo of Tiger wasn't just at the bottom of the third page hidden in the back of a defunct sports column; this was a full 5x7 in a national newspaper.

The reputation of the photographer is on the line now. Sports photographers should beware the power of the digital file since it can work against the grain as well. It would make one believe that the image isn't really as important as the text, and we all know that is hardly the case.

So in order to get those crisp wonderful images remember to contact Samy's Camera for gear and helpful advice on any digital product you currently own in conjunction with gear you are thinking about buying.

And, don't worry about your digital image media; Samy's has the Lexar 512MB and 1GB cards in stock. And just to make certain you can afford to capture all the action, Samy's has dropped the price on the IBM 1GB Microdrive to a new low of $299.00 after a $50.00 rebate.

Oh yeah…and for those of you who still love the look and quality of real film, Samy's has the NEW Classic Leica M7 in Chrome and Black in stock now…best price in town… e-mail Louis Feldman at Nikon's $500 rebates are ending in June and Samy's has all the Nikon D1x's and D1h's you'll need to get you in the action. Samy's is also expecting June delivery of the NEW Nikon D100…so get your order in now before it's too late. Be the first person on the baseball field with a NEW Nikon D-100 as the season kicks into full swing. Call or e-mail Louis Feldman at or 323-938-2420.

(Samy's Camera has three locations in Southern California. You can find specials and equipment links from Samy's on the web site.)

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