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|| News Item: Posted 2002-07-02

Congratulations to our Los Angeles Lakers!
Samy's Summer Specials

By Katelyn Sterling

I know for a fact that I bleed purple and gold. I've never had any other team to root for…Ever. The Los Angeles Lakers have been my team of choice for as long as I've known what a basketball is. I wore Kurt Rambis' number on my High School Basketball team. Somehow this last NBA title seems a little empty. I must say that rooting for the underdog is truly an American tradition if not a curse, but this time around I embraced that tradition for no other reason than I wanted to see good teams play one another. I wanted a true match up and instead what I got was a lesson in basketball buying power and true sportsmanship.

The Lakers and the Kings were as close as they were in the playoffs simply because the Kings refused to go down without taking a few people out. They fought, with their fists. They fouled. They fouled everywhere. The fouled out. The Kings decided that if they couldn't win on gamesmanship they were going to try with brute force. And how can we blame them. Shaquille "The 2 Ton House" O'Neill is a good player, not great…but BIG. Kobe…a great player…without a doubt.

The unfortunate part of the final series is that the Nets are a GOOD team. They have a couple of stars but no "Houses" to speak of. They play a fair game. They did not foul themselves into a corner. They played great basketball. It's hard to defend against someone who plows through 3 defenders without blinking an eye. I'm sorry that the Nets lost 4 straight. It would have been good for the sport if the game were evenly matched…more Kobes less Shaqs. Not that Shaq is a bad athlete…quite the contrary, he is a wonderful humanitarian and a good sportsman, a credit to all sports. He's just mismatched to ANYONE in the league. It sends a message that boning up on your free-throw skills is secondary to being huge.

The games were great…they came down to the wire and the Lakers who've been there so many times knew how to turn up the heat in the last moments. As Lakers' Fans we could not have asked for much more. We got a "T---e-Peat" (don't want to have to pay Riley for use of the word) and now there can be no question that the Lakers are the team of the millennium.

For those of you who sped off from the NBA finals to the World Soccer match ups in South Korea and Japan we salute your dedication. After Germany and Brazil face off it will be time again to gear up for the height of baseball season and don't forget the US Open Tennis Championship is right around the corner.

Samy's Camera is pleased to announce that the NEW Nikon D100 will be shipping within the month. The NEW Fuji S-2 will be launched at the PPA National Convention in Atlantic City the second week in July. And as always Samy's Camera has all your digital camera needs taken care of before you even hit the courts or fields. Samy's has memory cards and digital wallets for those who need storage without the weight of a laptop. As always find the Nikon D1X and D1H in stock with a full complement of lenses to match. The Canon D60 is in stock and don't forget the Digital Camera Battery that will help you shoot longer into those extra innings.

Whatever you shoot this summer Samys' is there with you to serve all your photographic needs.

Oh yeah…isn't football pre-season coming up soon…time to stock up at Samy's.

Call Louis Feldman at 323-938-2420 or e-mail for the best prices on the top gear. Just say Go Yankees!

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