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|| News Item: Posted 2002-07-02

Leading Off: News, Notes & Balls
Rants and Raves From That Wacky World of Photography

By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter

Photo by ©Rocky Mountain News/Barry Gutierrez

Photo by ©Rocky Mountain News/Barry Gutierrez
News and notes, rants and raves from that wacky world of photography:

- You gotta have ball(s). The Rocky Mountain News has gone to great lengths to defend a recent front page photo of a fire victim sitting in front of the remains of a burned out home. The photo of Fred Finlay, wearing a pair of short cutoff jeans and holding his cat, on a little closer inspection appears to be "hanging a little low." After being ridiculed on local television and radio (an enterprising reporter even found Finlay who declared that the "shadow" on his upper thigh was indeed a low riding part of his genitalia) the paper posted a "slideshow" of computer enhanced versions of the image in an attempt to dispel the belief that a testicle had graced the front paper ( This completes a trifecta of photo-fauxpas: First a photo of a woman golfer kissing a penis-shaped trophy is moved by the AP; Reuters puts out a questionable image from an NHL Playoff game that has two pucks and now the Denver tab runs this photo on 1A. Hey Rocky: Let's call a spade a spade (or a nut a nut) and move on!

- Tough Guy. Mark Terrill is a pretty tough guy. No doubt about that. During Game 7 of the NBA Western Conference Finals, LA Laker forward Robert Horry went running over the baseline, colliding with the AP's Terill, more specifically, Terrill's nose. The result sent photographers flying for cover as Terrill's nose leaked "blood everywhere." But Mark ever the trooper, got cleaned up, had a bandage applied over the bridge of his nose, a wad of cotton up a nostril and was back covering the game within minutes. Mark reports that Horry, not known to be friendly with photographers, sought him out to apologize for the crash. Classy move by Horry --- even classier moves by Mark to be back on the job so quickly.

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Mark Terrill was back covering Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals within minutes of being clobbered by Robert Horry.
- Bert's Pet Peeve #23. America is soccer crazy … again. Seems to happen every four years, but we've been hearing that soccer will take off for as long as we've been hearing we're switching to the metric system! The day after Brazil's World Cup win, the LA Times ran a quarter page of photos headlined "World Cup Snapshots" … SNAPSHOTS? How would the copy editor that wrote that headline like me to refer to his work as "Scribbling on a page"??? "Snapshot" gives the impression that some amateur totting a point-and-shoot camera took these wonderful images. Like I said … just a pet peeve.

* * *

By now you have heard about the new web site. Brad Mangin, Jason Burfield and Grover Sanschagrin have taken my concept of the Sports Shooter Newsletter and developed this wonderful, feature-fill site that we all hope will become the focal point for photographers on the Internet.

The first cool feature you'll see on the new site are the member galleries. Want to see what David Burnett is up to? Or how about Sports Illustrated's Bill Frakes? Or check out the great photos by Jose Carlos Fajardo and Jeff Hinds.

Looking for a freelance photographer in Sexsmith, Alberta Canada? How about Rob Ganzeveld? Got a gig in Lubbock, TX? Give Sean Meyers a call. Looking for someone Jenkintown, PA? Check out Jon Adams' gallery.

While we have been the home of everything related to sports photography, we want to make sure that photographers who don't specialize in sports know that there is a place for them at Check out the work of David McIntyre (Hong Kong) and Eric Risberg (San Francisco).

What about picture editors? The Detroit News' Diane Weiss has a great idea of displaying her work.

But the member galleries aren't the only to become a member. "The Guide" is fast becoming an indispensable tool for working photographers and editors. Last Saturday Brad received an early morning call from a panicked editor in search of the name and contact information for media relations person for the San Jose Earthquakes … simple, just a few keystrokes and 15 seconds and he had the info.

But the cool thing about "The Guide" is that all of the members of can add their personal favorite restaurants and super-secret ways to get to a local venue.

For those of you afraid that "Bert's sold out" let me assure you that the Sports Shooter Newsletter will continued to be produced by me and sent out monthly. For FREE! All of our past issues and wonderful information has been moved to the new site and it is now TOTALLY SEARCHABLE for free! But for Grover, Jason and Brad to bring you all of these wonderful extras … member galleries, the Equipment Profiles, The Guide, classified listings and soon a monthly "clip contest" and message board … they had to charge a small fee.

So if you haven't taken a long look at the new … hell, you have to check it out every other day to see if Peter Read Miller has added to his gallery!!! … what are you waiting for?

* * *

It never ceases to amaze me that we can come up with a great issue of Sports Shooter month after month. This issue we have a great profile by Anne Ryan on long-time Packer photographer Vern Biever (ok kids here's a quiz: who is Bart Starr?) and an insightful article by Trent Nelson on the Smart kidnapping and the affects on local photographers. Vince Laforet writes about the recent U.S. Open and John Todd gives us an insider's look at the world Cup. Snappy, Mongo and Rick Rickman check in with their regular columns to round out this issue.

So sit back, set the VCR to tape "Witchblade" and enjoy Sports Shooter v.44!

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