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|| News Item: Posted 2002-05-27

Lakers, Nets and the Thinking Blue:
Late Spring Specials From Samy's Camera's

By Samy's Cameras

Lakers vs. Nets?

So here we are at the tail end of the basketball post season and the Nets are battling the Celtics for a slot in the championship game. What!?!? That can't be happening can it!?!?

Jason Kidd. Wow! The Nets have a superstar and now it is up to the rest of the team to figure out who can be his support. To take a head-butt in the eye and leave the game bleeding, only to return to battle is outrageous. This man is a sports hero other sports heroes should look up too. The man doesn't sit out a game with a sprained toe as the fair maiden Deion Sanders might have done
This Kidd came to play some ball. It's great to see such enthusiasm for the sport rather than for the accolades. I'm putting my wish in for the Lakers/Nets match-upI wouldn't want to see the millennium team playing the Celtics again like they did in the 70's. There's just something magical about their history that should remain intact.

Fact is, this post season is the best it's been in years. So many teams have stepped up their game and have made a true drive to the championship.

Well, as exciting as this basketball post season is, you would not want to miss any of the action without Samy's Camera by your side. The championship game is just around the corner and what sports photographer would not want to make certain he/she is geared up for the on-court action. Nikon's $500 rebates are ending in June and Samy's has all the Nikon D1x's and D1h's you'll need to get you in the action. Samy's is also expecting June delivery of the NEW Nikon D100so get your order in now before it's too late. Be the first person on the baseball field with a NEW Nikon D-100 as the season kicks into full swing. Call or e-mail Louis Feldman at or 323-938-2420.

"Dodger Blue" seems to agree with a little bit of Green. Shawn Green decides to pull out of a slump by going 6 for 6 with 4 homers and a 19 base tally. Gee, you'd think he had a mood swing or something. It's good to see that he's no longer feeling "blue" only wearing it.

Photo by
Taking a cue from the "Blue Crew", former Dodger Mike Piazza decided to retort a comment made by a newspaper columnist in NYC and squash the rumor that he was into "Blue-Boy" magazines. Piazza had to come forward and respond to allegations that he is gay. Piazza simply denied the rumor and made it apparent that the guilty newspaper columnist was simply drawing his own conclusions from a previously published article. The interview in question has Piazza stating quite frankly that he would not mind working with an openly gay player. Piazza himself being a self professed and confirmed heterosexual bachelor.

The surprising part is that the columnist who wrote the incorrect information is simply a gossip writernot a sportswriter like he pretends to be. One of his associates at the newspaper decided to write an article condemning this type of journalism only to find that the paper would not run the story. He resigned after that fact and proceeded to publish it on the web. After the Internet publication, the reporter who had already resigned, was then fired. Just goes to show anyone in the sports world or otherwise that it's not the truth newspapers are looking for, it's gossip that sells papers.

It's up to the sports photographers to bring the sports fans that truth each and every day.

And Samy's Camera is here to help you with your task.

Photo by
Canon's rebates end in June. Those of you who shoot the photographer's choice in sports lenses would most certainly be called with a technical foul if you missed an opportunity to step into a NEW Canon D-60 to complement your premium choice in optics. By the way, don't worry about your digital image media, Samy's has the Lexar 512MB and 1GB cards in stock. And just to make certain you can afford to capture all the action, Samy's has dropped the price on the IBM 1GB Microdrive to a new low of $299.00 after a $50.00 rebate. Oh yeahand for those of you who still love the look and quality of real film, Samy's has the NEW Classic Leica M7 in Chrome and Black in stock nowbest price in town e-mail Louis Feldman at

(To contact Louis Feldman and Samy's Cameras in Los Angeles call: 323-938-2420 or e-mail him at Samy's has just open a new store in Pasadena. For details, go to their web site at:

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