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|| News Item: Posted 2002-05-02

Leading Off: Criminal History, Photo Weenies & Nice Folks in Canada
A few notes on the old proverbial score card:

By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter

Photo by Mark J. Terrill/AP

Photo by Mark J. Terrill/AP
I find it ironic the USTA is requiring the media to give them access to all "driver's history" and " any criminal history" when applying for credentials for this fall's U.S. Open. If tennis uses our bad driving habits or any past trouble with the law to decide who gets credentialed what does that mean for players caught stealing and using drugs (Jennifer Capriati); parents of players who verbally assault tournament officials (Damir Dokic, father of Jelana and Mary Pierce's dad Jim)); players that can't control their anger and hit balls into the stands striking spectators (Anna Smashnova) or for that matter, players who pose for nude photos (Anna Kournikova)?

Photo by
We are now in sports photography's equivalent of "crunch time" when NBA games really mean something, players actually play hard for four quarters and space is tight on the baseline. I don't mean to sound elitist or mean spirited but it's time to leave the photo department secretary back at the office and for the small-timers not to send half the staff to cover games. And it's also time for the teams to quit issuing credentials to Minolta SRT101- touting Photo Weenies that take up space, jube and pick their nose!

It was great fun to help with the Western Canadian News Photographers Association's annual convention last month. I have never been to a photographers' convention that was as low-key and down to earth as this one. I was on the judging panel for the WCNPA's Pictures of the Year contest and while I am "a digital guy" it was fun to see and handle prints again. Going though each category and actually HOLDING an entry in my hands rather than see a projected - pixelized digital file made me wonder if I'd been missing something in the years I've been almost totally digital.
Photo by Rob Ganzeveld

Photo by Rob Ganzeveld
The convenience of the 1D and D1 certainly cannot be overlooked as the 4 images I was able to transmit to my paper via cellphone from my photo position between periods of an NHL game can attest. But I have dusted off my Contax G2 and bought a few rolls of film!

Last note on the WCNPA convention: thanks to Randy Vanderveen for inviting me to speak and be a part of the organization's special weekend. I made a bunch of friends up there and hope I can make the trip to the convention again. I would recommend the WCNPA convention to any photographer who wants to learn, meets some fabulous people and have a bunch of fun. Special thanks to Rob Ganzeveld for driving me to the airport at 5 am. In the snow! Aaahhh, Canada.

April had a daily double of sorts when it comes to NHL Playoff photos. First we had the puzzling two-puck photo from the Montreal - Islanders game and now we have the twin bird salute by a fan in the background of a image from the Hurricanes - Devils game. What would possess a fan to "flip the bird" so he can be seen on the jumbotron, national tv or in a wire service photograph? Is it cool looking all the hot hockey chicks flock to
Photo by Bill Kostroun/AP

Photo by Bill Kostroun/AP
these losers? Is it freedom of speech showing support for your team with an obscene gesture? Is it setting a good example for all of the young hockey fans to see and emulate? No it's just a moronic act, done by "fans" with IQs about my shoe size. As I sometimes find myself saying: Sports would be great if it weren't for those idiot fans.

* * * * *

What is a "good sports photo?" That's the topic Sports Shooter tackles in this month's issue. Also we find out that they do have sports in the Arctic; Mongo and Rick Rickman check in with columns; we get a users report on the Pocket Phojo and watch out what you kiss in public there may be an AP shooter there to capture it all for posterity. And of course as we say at Sports Shooter we have much, much more.

So sit back, turn down the volume on the Trail of Dead's "Source Tags & Codes playing on your iPod, sit back and enjoy Sports Shooter v.42!

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