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|| News Item: Posted 2002-03-30

Samy's Spring into Baseball and Basketball
Go Lakers!

By Louis Feldman

So now it's all about the Lakers and the fact that Sacramento is leading the conference. Ah, where were we just a year ago? Actually, just a few weeks ago? Well all we can do is hope that the new Burger King Whopper diet that Shaq seems to be on is not going to affect the rest of the season and that they are simply preparing to dominate come playoff time. Hopefully his toe isn't a factor either. Meanwhile the NJ Nets seem to be the team to beat. The Celtics are trying to knock them out of first but I don't think that's too likely any time soon.

Speaking of being Number OneWe at Samy's Camera have always considered ourselves the number one leader in the lowest prices on professional gear just for you, the sports photographer.

To capture Shaq in full dunk mode and to make certain that every full court press is caught on digital film Samy's Camera has all the hottest Digital SLR's. We have extra low prices on Nikon's D1x & D1h, not to mention they come with a $500 Instant Rebate. Complement your SLR with the New Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 VR, 24-85mm AFS lens and the NEW SB-80 Flash.

We also have the hot NEW Digital Camera Batteries in stock.

We also have 1Gig Microdrives for a remarkably low $319 just to make certain you get every shot. We've got Lexar 12x 512MB Cards for $299. These prices are specific for sports shooters-you must mention this article.

And don't forget that we also are going to be the first on the block to have the Canon D-60 and the Nikon D-100. Contact Louis Feldman at and mention this newsletter. Or cal: 323-938-2420 and just say"Let's Go Yankees."

Although basketball is the dominating force in Sports at the moment, we as sports' fans have to be dragged into the mess that is personal greed. I guess Derek Jeeter is going to have keep a tight lock on even his underwear because one never knows if those aren't up for auction on e-bay. To not be able to trust your own teammates in the locker room is appalling and I for one applaud the Yankees organization for not allowing this type of activity to persist. What this tells the public is that as a sports organization, the NY Yankees have respect not only for the sport but also for the players that make up the team. The Yanks have proven time and time again that they are the team to beat. They are now also the team that has displayed the right attitude and high moral standards that all sports should follow.

(Call or e-mail Louis Feldman at 323-938-2420 or and don't forget to mention this article, oh yeah and "Let's Go Yankees.")

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