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|| News Item: Posted 2002-03-01

Oh No
By Rod Mar, The Seattle Times

Photo by Robert Hanashiro/USA Today

Photo by Robert Hanashiro/USA Today
I'm an international short-track expert.

Didn't know that?

Neither did I, until the Olympics.

So I'm downstairs in the media subcenter at the Delta Center (yes, I know the IOC calls it the "Ice Center" since Delta Airlines apparently didn't give IOC members free upgrades on the Salt Lake / Lausanne, Switzerland shuttle. Hey, the Mailman calls it the Delta Center, I call it the Delta Center).

Waiting for ace-Olympics photographer Dean Rutz to ship his photos to me so I can send them digitally to Seattle for publication.

Watching the men's 1000m final on television (watching from "The Sony Arena" as we like to call that).

Tight race.

Awesome outside move by Apolo.

A grab, and elbow, and a crash.

Shocked Aussie skating across the finish line.

Much hooting and hollering by the press watching TV.

Some American journalist screaming "oh, there's GOT to be a ruling on that. Ohno got ROBBED!"

Me turning to him saying, "dude, this is short track, not figure skating".

Next thing, a big bright light up in my grill, and some crazed Australian television crew shoving a mike in my face, and a guy absolutely yelling, "MATE! 'OW 'BOUT THAT!!! WHAT DID YOU THINK?!!!"

Me. Surprised. Silent. Blank.


I stammer out some response about how it was a fun race for people to watch, and how I hoped there wouldn't be an inquest, a protest, a re-skate, or that the IOC wouldn't decide on Tuesday to give gold medals to all of the skaters.

Oh, and congrats to the Aussie.


Then, a film runner waving an envelope yelling, "SEATTLE TIMES!"

Great images by Dean.

Back to work.

(Rod Mar is a sports photographer with the Seattle Times. The Salt Lake City Olympics were his first.)

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