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|| News Item: Posted 2002-01-23

Are You Ready for Some Football? Samy's January Specials
By Louis Feldman

Photo by
I have a sneaking suspicion that Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams have nothing to fear.

After having both the Jets and the Dolphins making it to the playoffs, and then decidedly rolling over and allowing their opponents to win, there just might be a misplaced sense of confidence that will be pummeled by the Blue and Gold. However, the thought of the Raiders getting closer to that elusive Super Bowl Ring makes some of us in Los Angeles cringe. Fortunately, our distaste for Al Davis has not clouded our judgment and appreciation of the phenomenal plays carried out by Jerry Rice. Let's be honest, the only reason the Raiders are where they are, is due to the fact that #81 is untouchable. As the playoffs continue and the big game is just a few yards away, Samy's Camera is stocking all the essentials necessary to capture those dynamic plays and the bone crushing tackles. Whether you're shooting the newest in high spec glass or looking to step into the digital era, we have you covered.

Samy's is currently stocking the D-1X and D1H and the full complement of Nikon lenses for any angle. And for all you Canon shooters, Samy's has received shipments of the new Canon EOS-1D just in time for the NFL playoffs and your trip to New Orleans on February 3rd.

Once you're done at the sidelines of the Super Bowl it's immediately off to the sidelines of the halfpipe in Salt Lake City for the Winter Olympics. One of the most notable additions to the games is the event of snowboarding. After all, a mere two years have gone by since the majority of Utah's resorts embraced the sport. For years the "skiers only" exclusivity of Utah's best resorts kept the boarding population out of bounds. As snowboarding is the fastest growing winter sport, it's easy to see why resorts have welcomed it as a viable (profitable) winter sport. To be in with the Halfpipe and down with the Jibs and Bonks, not to mention the 540o with an Indie Grab, you'd better strap in and ride on down to Samy's Camera. Then gear up for radical shooting with the new "Digital Camera Battery" that powers both your camera (D1, D1X, D1H, S-1, D-30, EOS-1D, Kodak 520 and 760) as well as your flash (SB280DX, 550EX, 540 and 420). Samy's prices on this NiMH Battery System as well as all Pro Digital Cameras and Flashes are as competitive as the Olympic athletes themselves.

Just to make certain you don't run out of Memory on the courts, fields or slopes, Samy's now has the Lexar Media 512MB Compact Flash Cards at the super low price of $299.00.

As a closing note, I'd like to point out a photograph that's as striking in it's timing as it is in it's composition. Whoever is of the belief that sports photography is not an art should take a moment to pick up the Dec. 10, 2001 issue of Sports Illustrated. Take note of the spread on pages 6-7 by photographer John Biever. It illustrates a not so clean block on Antonio Daniels' drive to the basket. Whether it was the fight for camera position to be at the right place at the right time, or the omnipotent knowledge of the decisive moment - this shot is art!

(Samy's Cameras is located in Los Angeles. Contact Louis Feldmam at 323-938-2420 or e-mail: Samy's Camera's web site is:


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