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|| News Item: Posted 2002-01-23

Working Wildcard Weekend?
A Labor of Love

By Todd Rosenberg

Photo by Susan Goldman

Photo by Susan Goldman
Don't get me wrong, I'm a Bears fan. But there is one thing I know, Green Bay late in the season or during the playoffs can be great place for photos. I have covered many a game on the frozen tundra and once you get past the lack feeling in your hands, the photos can be pretty good.

For me it is very easy. My wife Stacey is from Fond du Lac, Wis. We drive up from Chicago and stay over night with her family and I go up to Green Bay for the game.

I was looking forward to the Wild Card game against the 49ers on Sunday, January 13th. An early 11:30am start for good light and mild temps. It would be perfect. That was until the Friday before when we went to the doctor only to find that Stacey was beginning to start signs of labor. Basically it was too close for comfort. I would not be going to this game.

Choosing not to go turned out to be the right decision. I took Stacey to the hospital Sunday Morning. But, like a good little cheese head, she didn't deliver until after she had seen the game.

We were aiming for halftime, but it didn't work out. Stacey did her best to time the contractions between plays so she didn't miss much of the game. Many ask how painful labor can be. During a normal game a Favre interception would be enough reason for my wife to give up on the entire season and ask for Favre's head on a stick. This time around there was only a "whatever, I think I feel another contraction coming."

Elizabella Lombardi Rosenberg (just kidding, her middle name is Halas, uh I mean Ruby) was born Sunday, Wild Card weekend at 5:05pm. Elizabella weighed in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces at 20 inches long. If my daughter ever complains that I work too much and miss her big days, I have an unused photo credential I can show her that says otherwise!

(Todd Rosenberg is a Chicago based freelance photographer. Todd's website is:

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