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|| News Item: Posted 2001-12-19

Salt Lake Q & A
By Trent Nelson, The Salt Lake Tribune

When you write for a prestige outlet like Sports Shooter, one of the perks (along with the S.S. baseball cap!) is the flood of interesting and delightful e-mail that floods into your mailbox.

It's always entertaining and always well thought-out. Even the stuff from that pissed-off guy who works for UPI. I'll use this article to respond to your e-mail, mostly related to the almost-here Salt Lake Olympic Games.

Q. Is there a good lab in town?
A. The best labs are Borge Andersen & Associates and Creative Color. Both are located in the downtown area.

Q. A good Salt Lake camera store you can recommend?
A. Pictureline. Hands down the best pro shop in town.

Q. I'm coming in uncredentialed. Can you help me out with a place to transmit from?
Photo by
A. There will be a few uncredentialed media work centers. Some are free, some charge. And if you take a simple personality test at the Church of Scientology, they will let you send a couple shots on their fax line. DISCLAIMER: The previous sentence was simply a joke, and is not meant to incur the wrath or legal action of the Church of Scientology, the practitioners of Scientology, or any famous movie stars.

Q. Where are the good airport (802.11b) wireless networks in town?
A. Right. Let me list them here for 10,000 photographers!

Q. Please?
A. Okay, here's a free network and two pay networks. At 320 East 400 South is the Salt Lake Roasting Company, a great coffee shop with two floors and live music. They have a free wireless network with upload speeds that I've clocked at about 300k, so it's pretty quick. If you walk in and notice forty-eight Swedes transmitting simultaneously, you can assume that this network is quickly being pushed to its breaking point and will soon explode. Right next to the Medals Plaza and Ice Center downtown is the Wyndham Hotel, which boasts a Wayport wireless network. But be warned, the Wyndham has not always been a media-friendly spot.

At 268 Main Street in Park City is the iLounge, open from 7am-2am, and boasting a wireless network managed by Surf-n-Sip. Unfortunately, there are no Mobilestar wireless networks at any Starbucks here in Utah.

Q. I'm a young up-and-coming photographer looking to make a name for myself. I don't want to miss a single moment or great photograph of the Salt Lake Games. I plan on shooting twenty hours a day for twenty straight days so that I can impress everyone. Where can I purchase No-Doz, Jolt Cola, and caffeinated mints?
A. Best bet is Rite Aide, a block south of Temple Square on Main Street (a block East - toward the mountains - from the Main Press Center.

Q. Would you like to add inches to your
A. Oh wait, I don't think that one came from a Sports Shooter reader.

Photo by
Q. I'm covering the Olympic Torch as it comes through our area. Any recommendations?
A. Yeah. If you're not in shape to run a marathon while carrying your gear, call in sick that day.

Q. Are the Mormons going to try to convert me?
A. Probably not. It's been a touchy subject, and the proselytizing will be toned way down from normal. Here's an example of what to say if you're approached and want to make a quick exit: Missionary: Hello, would you like to know more about our church? Photojournalist: Thanks, brother (or sister), but I'm already a member. I attend the (INSERT YOUR HOMETOWN HERE) stake in (INSERT YOUR HOME COUNTRY OR STATE HERE).

(Trent Nelson is News Editor of Photography at The Salt Lake Tribune. His e-mail address is All queries welcome!)

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