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|| News Item: Posted 2001-11-26

Equipment Corner
News & Notes for all Those Gear-Heads

By Robert Hanashiro


LPA Designs, the folks that produce the MultiMax and Flash Wizard remote systems has announced they will be producing a radio system that is built into the Nikon D1 digital camera bodies.

The expected availability is for the end of 2001 and will work inside a Nikon D1, D1H or D1X.

Photo by
The antenna connects via the front PC connector. The PC connector will still also function for firing strobes as well via a cable. The radio can sense if the antenna is connected and will turn on.

This radio is a FlashWizard II with automatic Equalization of the camera. It is also a PocketWizard MAX with two-way communications and all 32 channels.

The radio can intelligently switch between receive and transmit modes.

For use as a FlashWizard II it can sync at 1/500 second with 100 percent fully exposed frames on every shot.

For use in PocketWizard mode, it will sync at 1/400 second shutter speeds.

The camera can be remotely fired and can also fire remote strobes. It will automatically do both if you want. It can be remotely fired via a PocketWizard and then when the shutter opens, it will fire a remote PocketWizard receiver connected to the strobes.

The remote D1 can also show you in real time with the RED flash led inside the view finder if you are within radio range of the strobe receiver if using a MultiMAX radio as the remote. There is also a Speed Cycler built in for firing two sets of lights in alternating sequence for faster strobe response on continuous motor drive shots.

In FlashWizard II mode, it can be remotely put to sleep or wake up with commands from a FlashWizard II unit.

For either mode FlashWizard II or PocketWizard there are no cord needed.

The expected price for the FlashWizard II installation will be $1,750 for any installations done before Jan 15. 2002 After that, the price goes back to $1,950 Volume discounts on 5 or more cameras are available.

This radio product is designed and built solely by LPA Design and is not a Nikon product or affiliated with Nikon.

A warranty will be provided by LPA for the balance of the camera's original warranty. The details and limitations (if any) of this warranty are still being determined at this time.

Photographers interested in this radio for the D1 family should contact Jim Clark at


Photo by

Richard Strum reports that Kinesis, his Colorado-based company that makes a modular belt system for carrying photo equipment , had a successful run at the recent PhotoEast Expo in New York.

"The response to our new Journeyman Modular Pack at this show was great," Said Strum, "We are now beginning to ship this product. We have recently posted more detailed photos of this product."

For further information visit Kinesis' web site at:.

Other news from Kinesis:

* PRICE REDUCTIONS -- In conjunction with the roll-out of our first-ever pack, Kinesis has permanently reduced the price on peripheral products such as the K572 Heavy-duty Pack Frame ($136 reduced to $99) and our Heavy-duty Belts ($66 to $56)

Photo by
* NEW DUFFLE BAG -- "Several years ago, I designed a duffle bag for transporting our sewn gear to and from our stitchers - all our gear is made here in the U.S. by home stitchers,' said Strum, "It has proved such a practical item that we are now offering it as a product to our customers." The S650 Max Duffle Bag is designed as a "maximum checked size" piece of luggage for those that use it for air travel. Great for shlepping gear to almost anywhere: mountains, beaches, sports events, vacations. It is made from tough 1000D black nylon fabric. This product is in stock for immediate shipment.

* NEW BELT POUCH -- Designing pouches that maximizes the real estate on the belt has always been a challenge. We have phased out our smallest belt pouch (A102) and replaced it with one of similar size, but which uses only one slot on the belt. It is called the A126 Vertical Accessory Pouch,



Larry Nolan reports several new products from his company Versa-Flex.

The first will be of interest to all of the digital shooters, a new belt pouch to carry those compact flash cards and camera batteries.

Designed by the Associated Press' Mark Duncan, the new D-1 Pouch is priced at $39.95 and you can order it direct from Versa-Flex.

Photo by
Versa-Flex also has a new case --- "one of many" states Nolan ---. that is a larger version of company's standard carrying case the MU1417.06. The new MU1422.06 is, like all of Versa-Flex's cases sporting steel reinforced triple wall construction. The exterior of the case is Versa-Flex's standard Cordura Nylon - "never ballistic" Nolan said, with a padded rain flap over the zipper.

The case lists for $295 however, "I have over 40 in stock that I am trying to eliminate from my shelves before inventory and tax time," Nolan states, "I will sell to any of your sport shooter friends for $210 each!"

Nolan also makes a nifty wheeled version of this case with pullout handles and removable wheels for $100 more.

For more information on Nolan's Versa-Flex line of equipment cases, go to their web site at: You can contact Larry Nolan at: 216-631-0666 or fax: 631-1005; E-mail:

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