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|| News Item: Posted 2001-11-26

November Specials From Roberts Distributors
By Jody Grober

Photo by
Greetings to one and all from Indianapolis, home of the winningest NFL team in the entire state of Indiana.

To start off with this month I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone involved in the Sport Shooter Newsletter: Bert, Brad, the contributors and writers and most of all the subscribers.

We all use the power of the Internet to help each other and to further our friendships and businesses in a powerful way. This power that we find in the Internet is an awesome tool that must be used responsibly. The professional attitudes and practices of the entire Sports Shooter Family makes me proud to have the right to include myself in such a fine group of people.

I recently did a favor for a new client and found him an important piece of equipment at a very special price and in that he was a professional (or so I thought) I bumped him up in line. After utilizing it extensively for over a month in post 911 NYC he seemed to be having trouble with it, so I again went to bat for him and went upstairs to the manufacturer who insisted on seeing the equipment before determining whether they would repair or replace.

For all my troubles this person went to this powerful tool, the web, and tore me a new $%#@% for not eating his $5000.00 piece of equipment. To add insult to injury a complete stranger to this person, decided never to do business with me, based solely on an uncorroborated forum posting by a complete stranger.

Again, I thank goodness for being allowed to do business with all of you. And, oh yeah, Jeff, I gave these two customers your number.

On to the business at hand

Well Fuji has really dropped the price of the Pictrographic printer and now is time to buy.The 4000 II is down to $8899.00 and the 3500 is now only $3599.00. We keep a very large stock of all sizes of media.

My Lexar 512 specials have been delayed but should arrive this weekcheck this one out:

Also from Lexar I have a few 320/12X cards left at a close out of $249.00 each. Buy three while supplies last and I will throw in a FireWire reader, what the hell.

Photo by
Do you know how tell a great productno matter what comes out in the market it just keeps goingthe NIKON D-1X just keeps going and going. We are still selling them strong and they are getting a little easier to get. Also for your personal point and shoot the Coolpix 5000 should be here any day now.
Ask about a Sport Shooter special price.

YES, the Canon EOS-1D will begin shipping very, very soon. I will do everything in my power to get them distributed as quickly and fairly as I can. You might want to get your self a gift and buy one the PowerShot S40 point and shoot digicams. We have them in stock and they are very impressive.

I have a special close out from Lightwarethe BP1420 backpack in chocolate brown that usually sells for $252.00 is discounted to $149.00 while supplies last.

I have a used FLASH WIZARD system (not a Flash Wizard II) for sale including 3 transmitters and 7 receivers, version 2.76 including a Lightware case for $999.00.

For those of you that are fairly near by, we are having a program on December 10th offering people a hands-on look at the Kodak DCS Pro Back. We will have a Kodak techie in-house with advice and recommendations on how to get started on digitizing your studio or how to improve on your current situation. More details to come later and we hope to see some of you there.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the MACEXPERIENCE. Some good friends of ours have opened up an APPLE exclusive store in our downtown location so now we can offer you full service Apple products, support and repair.

(Roberts Distributors is located in Indianapolis, IN. To place an order, call Jody Grober at: 800-726-5544. You can visit their on-line store at:

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