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|| News Item: Posted 2001-11-26

Samy's Cameras' Sports Shooter Specials
By Louis Feldman

Photo by
Let's Go Yankees! Let's Go Yankees! Go Home Yankees!

Wow, what a World Series! How can anyone complain about one of the most exciting World Series not only in recent memory, but also in the history of America's favorite pastime?

From Derek Jeter's heroics, to Randy Johnson's gun of an arm this was truly a welcome distraction from the current climate in the Big Apple. While many of us across the country, especially in NYC were rooting for the All-American Team, they were no match for the newest World Champions. The Snakes were not to be treaded upon and, they made that painfully obvious with a run differential of 23-14.

Even with Mariano Rivera on the mound the Yankees could not reverse fate. The first two games should have sent a signal to the greatest team in history. The Yankees were simply beat, and in Game 6 they were annihilated. Game 7 was the quintessential nail-biter of all time with the possible exception of the 1991 Super Bowl. The Giants eeked out a Championship on a last second missed field goal by the first of four Big Game visits by the Buffalo Bills. Congratulations Diamondbacks!

So now that the longest Baseball season in history is over it's time to "Get Ready for Some Football". And what better way to outfit your self for the season than to pick up the phone or drop an e-mail to Samy's Camera and ask for Louis Feldman.

Samy's has all the gear necessary to capture the heroic kickoff returns that seem to light up the stadiums this season. The 49's and Chargers seemed to have their share of returns this past weekend in San Francisco. Make certain you have the fastest digital capture possible for these exciting moments -- Samy's is currently taking orders for the Nikon D1H and the D1X Professional Digital SLR Cameras.

We also are stocking the NEW portable DigitalCameraBatteries that power both your digital camera and your flash unit (works with Nikon D1H, D1X, SB28DX Flash, Canon D-30, EOS 1D, Fuji S-1 and Kodak 760).

To make certain that the rest of the sporting world has it's imaging needs covered Canon is starting to deliver the NEW EOS 1D Pro Digital SLR Camera and the highly anticipated 70-210mm IS and 16-35mm 2.8 lenses. The "Wizardry" that is Michael Jordan will find it hard to fly past the wizardry of these Canon high-speed photographic tools. And for the photographers that know the value of shooting film but need to deliver to press electronically there is no better solution than the newest in high-resolution scanners from both Minolta and Nikon. Samy's Camera has the best prices on the Minolta Scan Pro and the Nikon 8000ED Scanners. Plus we have them in stock!

Drop Louis Feldman an e-mail at and get the best possible service in the industry, not to mention the biggest Yankee fan to grace the West Coast.

Photo by
As a parting note for this newsletter I'd like to relay a story that should invoke a sense of loyalty to all who love sports and their teams as well as their photo dealers. Just recently there was a story out of Buffalo on the Wheaties Box Hero, Doug Flutie. This tremendous athlete was cheated out of what should have been his Playoff spot -- and deservedly so, the Bills lost. Having gone to San Diego and taking a few other Bills with him, a Buffalo Bills fan would understandably shriek at the idea of watching a Chargers game. However, as true loyalty and understanding of what a "Winner" really is, there's a rumor to a Buffalo Sports Bar that specifically televises San Diego Charger games. Doug Flutie is more than a mere QB for any football team, he is the true definition of a "Winner", and fans that recognize this quality above and beyond their local team are indeed the epitome of loyal fans. My hat is off to the fans in Buffalo and their dedication to the winning spirit.

May Freedom Reign!

(Louis Feldman - Samy's Camera - 431 S. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036. e-mail:; Telephone: 323-938-2420.)

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