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|| News Item: Posted 2001-10-25

"A Pleasant Distraction"
By Andy Kuno, San Francisco Giants

Photo by Tak Kuno

Photo by Tak Kuno
The last thing I asked Giants Media Relations Manager Jim Moorehead before the game was if he could get Barry to wear the traditional home white uniform top as opposed to the awful black alternate jersey top. Now it didn't matter to me if Barry was the only one wearing his whites and the rest of the team donning the silly costumes. If he were to break the homerun record, he ought to do it in the proper uniform. Jim just laughed and the game was on.

Settled beside Eric Risberg, I was prepared to document some baseball history. A few Chan Ho Park pitches later, Barry collected #71 and suddenly collected #72 a few innings later. Not only were his swings pedestrian, he (like the rest of the team) was wearing the alternate jersey top.

Couldn't he have done back flips or something, or even take a cue from Rickey Henderson and slide into homeplate, if not first, second and third? He just broke the three-year young record and these were the Los Angeles Dodgers. Didn't he remember his 97 pirouette?

Cool, he did it. I knew of two Giant fans watching and listening to the game at home. Barry,s feats must have put a smile on my parent,s faces. My dad is not quite a Bonds fan, but he was eager to see Barry break the record. Having suffered a minor stroke a few weeks earlier, my dad was determined to get better. If Barry is capable of knocking some balls out of the park, then my father is capable of enduring some physical therapy.

For most of you who regularly see me at the park, if I looked a little more spaced out than normal my mind was certainly elsewhere. Baseball is such a thrill to cover, especially when you follow just one team. I'm grateful that something was going on to get my mind off my family,s situation, even if it was for a few at bats or innings.

I'd like to thank Risberg, the absent Michael Zagaris, Jon Soohoo, John Mabanglo, Terry Schmitt, Dr. Bruce Gordon, Stan Conte, Pete DaSilva and Martha Jane Stanton for your support and kind words. You guys made covering the new homerun record a bit easier.

(Andy Kuno is a Bay Area freelance photographer. He also one of the Giants' team photographers.)

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