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|| News Item: Posted 2001-09-28

Sports Shooter News & Notes
By Robert Hanashiro

Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau Date Change

The Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau, originally schedule for Nov. 3 has been pushed back a week to Nov. 10.

Because of the change in the baseball post season schedule, several members of the workshop faculty would be unavailable on the original date.

The speaker line-up and breakout sessions have not changed. The featured speakers are V.J. Lovero of Sports Illustrated and the Los Angeles Times' Wally Skalij.

For more information on the Workshop & Luau, please go to the Sports Shooter Archives hosted by Mangin Photography at Follow the links to Sports Shooter and to the Workshop & Luau.


Consistent Lag Times For D1 Digital From LPA

LPA Design has developed a circuit board that can be installed inside a D1X or D1H, (or original D1) that can make the lag time very consistent from shot to shot.

The lag correction circuit makes the lag time a fixed number (factory setting). The default is for 75ms. 72ms is the lowest it can be set.

Once installed, a Nikon D1(x/h) can be used at 1/320 second with 99% of photos perfectly exposed. At 1/400 second, over 90% of the photos will be perfectly exposed, and the ones that are not are only 1/3 - 1/2 stops under exposed, but still very usable.

With this circuit, the D1 family can now be used with the FlashWizard II system to be equalized like any other camera.

Without this modification, the D1, D1X, D1H have a very inconsistent lag time and will not work for Equalizing with multiple cameras.

To get the precision lag timing, the camera will also need to be awake most of the time. A D1 will get about 1H : 40 minutes on a charge and take 200 shots while continuously pre-released. A D1X will last even longer. (I have not tested a D1H yet)

The cost of the modification is $1,000. It is installed at the LPA Design factory, and will void the Nikon warrantee on the camera.

Applications of this modification are: multi-camera sports photography, engineering/scientific photography, finish-line photos for (horse race, etc.) events.

Disclaimer: This modification and timing circuit is not connected with Nikon in any way.

People who are interested can contact Jim Clark at:


DigitalPro Accelerates Digital Image Management

Pro Shooters LLC, released the public beta test version of DigitalPro. DigitalPro is the fastest way to load, review and file digital images. DigitalPro offers a streamlined user-interface geared to the professionals' imaging workflow. From its intuitive interface for loading digital film cards to its powerful automated submission tool DigitalPro accelerates image handling.

DigitalPro's design was driven by Moose Peterson, a nationally renowned wildlife photographer and instructor whose early conversion to digital shooting was marred only by a lack of good digital image tools. "Digital photography was both fast and fun until I had to deal with slow and hard to use software to review and file my images", Moose explained, "DigitalPro has changed all that. Now I look forward to looking at and filing my images almost as much as shooting!"

DigitalPro was developed by Pro Shooters LLC, an experienced team of software developers who have built a series of award-winning productivity applications and who are dedicated digital shooters. "As a shooter I was frustrated by how long it took to organize my digital images and how cumbersome the tools were. As a software developer I knew that we could do better." explained David Cardinal, Pro Shooters founder, "Teaming with Moose and other pro shooters has helped us ensure that we have the best product in the industry for the working digital shooter."

DigitalPro's extensive features include:
Proprietary Light Table and Digital Loupe for quick image review.
Extensive shooting data, especially for Nikon D1 family shooters.
Automatic and flexible digital film card loading.
Powerful renaming, rotating, and filing tools.
Viewing and previewing capability with built-in slideshow for quick display.
Image tagging and IPTC captioning of key photographer data
Automatic resizing and format conversion for editorial submissions

DigitalPro is available for purchase on the web through NikonDigital ( It is also available for re-sale as part of your photographic seminar or training course by contacting Pro Shooters directly at The public beta release of DigitalPro is fully functional and users who purchase during the beta will be given a license and full upgrade to the 1.0 release. The beta version is available for download through the NikonDigital website at

NikonDigital,, is an educational site for digital shooters dedicated to bringing you tools, articles and reviews to help shooters make the most out of digital. It is also the home of Pro Shooters LLC, publishers of DigitalPro and dedicated to providing state of the art software for professional photographers. Moose Peterson is the owner of Wildlife Research Photography,, a premier supplier of endangered species images in North America.

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Jim Clark:

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