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|| News Item: Posted 2001-09-28

"I was never so frightened in my life."
By Martha Jenkins

My husband woke me from a sound sleep Tuesday morning telling me 'some terrible things were happening'.

I was really scared because my first thoughts were of my children and family. He
went on to explain that two hijacked planes had hit the WTC, a third had hit the Pentagon and another had crashed in Pittsburgh. The one in Pittsburgh was a morning flight out of Newark to SFO just like he had taken the day before.

We turned on the TV and I started to watch the coverage and it all began to sink in: America was being attacked and there didn't seem to be an explanation. Two of the largest towers in the world were gone and all I could think of is there were people working in there. Nobody knew where the president was. I was never so frightened in my life. And then I turned to my husband and I couldn't believe how grateful I was to have him home and our family was together. It's strange to be so scared and so relieved at the same time.

I cover baseball for a living and, as in the words of Mark McGwire, 'In the scope of things, sports are completely meaningless". A week has gone by and I'm not scared to leave the house or wander very far from my family as much but I know that it's coming. I'm gonna have to go on the road and do my job which has always been a privilege and a pleasure. I hope it still is and I can get through it without missing my family so much I can't take it. Yes, we have to go on with our lives but it's a whole new ball game were playing.

(Martha Jenkins is the San Francisco Giants team photographer.)

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