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|| News Item: Posted 2001-08-29

We Got Mail!
Letters To Sports Shooter

By Robert Hanashiro

(Editor's note: Jon Soohoo's article in Sports Shooter v. 33 lamenting that there are no photographers in the sports writers wing of the baseball Hall of Fame generated a lively exchange between Jon and Charlie Krupa. The two agreed to let Sports Shooter reprint their emails.)



Most fans attending the HOF ceremony forget the names of the broadcaster and writer a minute after they are announced.

I've covered Cooperstown a few times. Just past where the busts hang during the Hall of Fame Weekend, winners in the annual photo contest are on display.

It's a pretty cool feeling to take your family to the gallery to show them your photo and hear real baseball fans admire your images.





I think it is really cool to have that pride for your accomplishment. I am not demeaning the contest. Wouldn't it be cooler to know that say after 25 years of photographing baseball for AP that you are acknowledged for your skill, ability and longevity as a writer is? Your family would be oozing with pride seeing a plaque or other acknowledgement of you in Cooperstown.

I have been there six times and I don't remember what players I shot. This is not the point, Ii is the legacy of our profession as it is with the players, writers and broadcasters. Absolutely no different than any other contribution to the game.

Before our images get sold and re-sold to gallery owners, baseball people or stock agencies, who put their ownership on our profession's images, as our "Founding Fathers" did, there should be some acknowledgement of the existence of our professions photographers.




Sports Shooter,

I just wanted to comment on Rick Rickman's spot-on take of freelancing in this most recent Sports Shooter. He is dead-on. I spent five years as a freelancer, and while it was the funniest (and scariest) time of my life, all the headaches and heartaches he describes are accurate.

I miss it very much.

Once a year.

Having been snubbed for staff jobs numerous times while a freelancer (let's not even go there), I began my own publication because nobody else wanted to take the ball and run with it, so to speak.

Herd Insider is a sports weekly covering Marshall University sports, in Huntington, WV. Maybe you've heard of us, maybe not. Football program is on the rise...

I had the photography bits down just fine. Working various NCAA tourneys and getting the 'big' buy from SI in 1997 convinced me I knew what I was doing, photographically speaking. So, photos wouldn't be a problem. They are the strength of Herd Insider, and we get rave reviews for showing Marshall sports the way it should be done: First class, big-time images, in a weekly on newsprint.

The business aspects of being a freelancer (which would have slowly driven me to my death, had I continued) helped out when beginning a publishing company. Now, the same business-y things are driving me to my death, but at a much more rapid pace. It is the best and worst Business School on the planet.

In short...I miss the freelance photo gig some times, but also relish now having a business wherein I can shoot things like I damn well please, run them big, and generally get my rocks off as a photographer. All the other stuff (taxes, accountants, taxes, taxes) just take time to learn and figure out. It's just like being a freelancer was (business-wise), but on a larger scale now.

If you can be a freelancer for any amount of time, then you can run any sized corporation on planet earth successfully. It was a great learning experience.

I miss it very much.

Once a year.

Thanks for the great site. We just went digital, and so far, so good. The images keep getting rave reviews from our readers, and that's the best thing about covering the team I love.

I finally get to show the world (well, our readers) what Marshall is all about.

Greg Perry
publisher, Herd Insider

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