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|| News Item: Posted 2001-03-30

March Madness Special from Roberts Distributors
By Jody Grober

Welcome from Indianapolis, where at least we had one team make it to the second round, go Bulldogs (grantedthat's as far as they went).

First off I want to send our hearty congrats to all of the winners and this years photo competition and our thanks to everyone that spent so much of their time to make it happen. It is an honor to be part of it. I will be sending the prizes to those that won the categories I sponsored some time this week.

On to businessthe world seems to have settled down or maybe I'm just too busy with March Madness


The new scanners are expected very soonand the count is now 129 on the number of rumors concerning the arrival dates of the new D-1X and D-1Hand our list of needy shooters still risesif a D-1 is in your future call and get on the D-1H list now because the D-1s are goinggoingGONE.we have whittled away a bit on our 300/2.8 II list so call now and be near the top.


Let's raise the ante on my used EF600s, we'll call 15% offI also have an EF400/2.8IS new in the trunk but without the box for $7748.00the new teleconverters should starting hitting our docks any dayeverything else is in and ready to ship especially the D-30 at a special Sports Shooter priceand don't forget about the great Canon rebates starting this month.

I am sure most of you received my email concerning the Lexar 160/10x with FireWire reader for $279.00 (if not please send me your email address and I will include you). I will be taking orders for that deal until 3-28-01 (this might be published just before that date, I hope)don't forget it also comes with a $50.00 rebate.

Photo by
The big news from Kodak is that the DCS560 and DCS660 that dropped in price drastically to $6990.00AMAZINGare now discontinued for goo we are taking orders for the new and improved DCS760, a 6 Mp imager on an F-5 body with increased speed, selling at the $6990.00 pricealso the DCS520 body has been discontinued and there are very very few leftfinally, we have started the list for the new DCS Digital Pro backI am not sure of delivery dates but I am sure it is going to be a well received camera back, especially for Hasse remotes.

We are very close to the new LPA MultiMax from Mamiya. Call us to get on the list and also to find out about the MultiMax that is in the new Sekonic meters. Also you will be able to convert your old Maxes for a nominal fee to a Multi Max.

(Jonathan "Jody" Grober from Roberts Distributors can be emailed at: To place an order, call: 1-800-726-5544.)

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