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|| News Item: Posted 2001-03-30

Leading Off: March Madness & The Price is Right
Notes on a Scorecard

By Robert Hanashiro

Photo by Dan MacMedan

Photo by Dan MacMedan
March is such a busy month with so many college hoops games to cover, the nightmare that's the Academy Awards and all of the "normal assignments."

So here are a few quick observations as winter turns to spring:

- The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences raised a s**t-storm during the recent Oscar telecast after they discovered that several newspaper web sites and on-line services broke the embargo on images shot at the Shrine Auditorium. Right or wrong, the wire services agreed to the embargo, and ultimately they and other the organizations that actually staff the Oscar show will pay the price. There is no other organization more vindictive and hellish to work with than AMPAS. These newspapers and web sites should have known better and probably did. One web site brazenly ran the embargo notice in the caption! These self-serving outlets should think of more than themselves when they break the rules and cause grief for others.

- 1/500 @ f/1.8 at ASA 800. Nope, not Mt. Whitney High gym in Visalia. That exposure was what we had to shoot at during the NCAA West 1st and 2nd Rounds at the Cox Arena in San Diego a facility about a year old. Now how can a brand new building be THAT dark? You know the light is bad when people call you up and ask you if it was as dark as it looked on TV! Of course we got no relief in the West the PIT that is called The Arrowhead Pond hosted the Regional Semis and Final and is about as dark as Cox. Where was that D1H when I needed it?

Photo by Robert Hanashiro

Photo by Robert Hanashiro
- I spent a day on the set of the "Price Is Right" for a story on students coming from all over the country during spring break to appear on the CBS show. After getting bitched out by the crew after a taping because the director spotted me in a furniture set mirror causing them to do a re-shoot, announcer Rod Roddy you know, the guy who says " COME ON DOWN!" He stopped me back stage after a grip (or was he a gaffer?) growled at me about having to work an extra 30 minutes/ "I used do be a photographer" he told me with a huge smile. "I used to go around neighborhoods door-to-door and shoot babies." After the month I'm having, that actually sounds pretty good.

- I had an enjoyable lunch the other day with SI's V.J. Lovero and his trusty sidekick, Bob Binder. V.J. is recovering from cancer, but was in fabulous spirits and wanted all to know that he's doing fine and is working hard to get back to work. Though the treatments had taken its toll, V.J. spirit and infectious laugh had me smiling throughout the meal. An avowed "Survivor" junky, V.J.'s baseball work was featured in S.I.s baseball preview issue last week over three double trucks in the "Leading Off" section. I can't wait to have him back behind home plate, cradling a 600mmat The Ed.

* * *

This edition of Sports Shooter features some hot news, on the Major League Baseball credential controversy and a piece about "court runners". We also have great stories from regular contributor Rod Mar on his second job and from Jeff Carlick on the XFL. The Count returns with a look at Spring Training in 'Zona, Vince Laforet gives us the lowdown on going wireless and Sam Mircovich returns with another "Healthy Tips" installment. Mongo's M.I.A., Anne's in Italy but we have equipment specials from Robert's and Penn.

So sit back, adjust the contrast of your monitor, tweak the volume on that Van Morrison CD and enjoy Sports Shooter v.29.

Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter.

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