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|| News Item: Posted 2001-02-26

News From Roberts
By Jody Grober

Hello every one and best regards from Indy, the sport capital of the world, where there is absolutely no spring baseball. But we are working on building a dome over one of the near by counties so long as it won't adversely effect the corn.

Boy, wasn't PMA boring. I guess the web has taken the zing out of it. We all know just about everything before the show starts. That just about cinches it for me. Next year instead of going to the Photo East show for the show and New York food, I am going just for the food.

To work to work

Nikon --- I am sure many of you received my special announcement concerning the new Nikon bodies (if not send me your e-mail address). The rumors are flying concerning the delivery dates. My best guess is they get here when they get herelet's get the queue started and keep in touch. The drop in the original D-1 has kept that body alive. Call me and we can talk turkey. The new scanners are actually getting close to delivery and our lists are swelling. I am actually quite excited to see how the new 300 AF-S II is received. Let's hope we can get some real user reviews by next issue.

Canon --- Not much news from Canon except for the same great stuff. D-30s are in stock as are 1V-HSs and all the glassoh yeahthere's also that price reduction on many of their lenses. There will be a very aggressive rebate program coming soon on bodies and lenses. I am overstocked in used EF600/4.0s discounted to $6100.00, but mention Sports Shooter and receive an additional 10% off (only three 600/4.0s on this deal).

Lexar --- HERE IT ISthe new 160/10x price, until the Ides of March, is $249.97 and the $50.00 rebate is still good!! Also coming soon is their 512 Mb compact flash card.

Mamiya and LPA have really rocked the world with the new MultiMax transceiver. This unit will operate with your current Pocket Wizards and can be either a sender or a receiver or both. Holy Frequency Batman! Inventory should arrive soon with a special Sports Shooter price. Compound this with a new Sekonic meter with a built in LPA transmitter and we're really rolling. Imagine walking the court and metering with nothing but your meter in your hand.

Kodak had their new DCS Pro Back at PMAbut more importantly it has been used in the studio, in the field, outdoors, in the cold and the word from my sources is we have a very viable product here. This back is the solution for digital remote Hasses that will capture a file that can go full spread. I am hoping to get trained very soon and have inventory shortly thereafter.

Photo by
Lowepro does it again with the brand new Road Runner rolling backpack. This one is finally done right. I should have specs and pricing on my web site ( sometime next week.

Finally a few special deals just for you(cause you're my favorites)remember the Kodak battery report last month with the shooter on firewell I have a special on the VersaFlex Kodak battery and PC card holder at @ $29.97 each. I have some special sales from our rental department. We are replacing our Elinchrom rental monoblocs with the new versions so all of our rental units are on sale. Also, our 13 foot rental stands, all in great condition are selling for $3.75 per foot (I at least have to make you work for it). And all of our remaining Gara Gear, fantastic lens wraps, lens pouches, & accessory pouches, for 25% off.

So that's it for Februarythanks to everyone and don't forget we're having fun (almost forgot...Christy and ED say howdy to all).

(Jonathan "Jody" Grober from Roberts Distributors can be emailed at: To place an order, call: 1-800-726-5544.)

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