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|| News Item: Posted 2001-02-26

By Amatera-su

Out of the heat and humidity and into the a/c'd halls of the Orange County ConventionCenter in Orlando, this year's Photo Marketing Association Trade Show was attended by thousands of photo-types (pro, commercial, wedding, school photogs, dealers, vendors, tech-heads, mini-labs, custom/pro labs, photo finishers, printers, et al) converging to view and sample the latest photographic/ printing products, technology, software, hardware and accessories. And network, network, network with those we've had phone and Internet connections with.

Before you even enter the main hall at shows like PMA, you are inundated with numerous backlit displays from the bigger photo manufacturers, with snazzy product shots of their latest wares.

And who garnered glory at this year's show?

The award goes to NIKON for their presentation of their pro digital SLR cameras drum roll please the D1X and D1H, marketed as "Two solutions. One ideal."

Folks like us want to see, touch, feel and know what's coming up on the digital horizon, and to this girl's disappointment, Canon USA did not even produce a rumor nor a display prototype of their answer to Nikon's D1 bummer.

Hey, even a rumor can keep one's hopes up!

Their slogan "THINK BIG," in black letters on Nikon yellow background on a BIG sign, in their BIG booth lured many attendees in complete with promo goodies of Nikon "Think Big" pins, Nikon tape measures with removable mini-screwdriver, and the coveted and few Nikon bluelight pocket lights.

For comprehensive info on the D1X and D1H, who best to consult than DigiGuru Rob Galbraith:

Although PMA runs for 4 days, one needs at least 1-2 days to completely cover the show, and that's without attending any workshops or discussions!

First things first finding the best bag to hold all the catalogues, info/tech/spec sheets/pamphlets and promo items that are hard to pass up. Samsung gave out big, blue sturdy-nylon bags as well as mini-footballs creating long lines throughout their booth with attendees watching those attempting to make one-out-of-three throws through a hole which was the lens of a camera painted on a large display wall.

Canon USA tech reps donned aqua green shirts under their red signage as female dancers in black spandex, undulated in front of a videocam demonstrating Canon's new 3D Interchangeable Compact Zoom Lens made for the XL1 digital video camcorder.

Amatera-su noticed a predominately-male crowd stopping by to watch the dancers first, happily putting on the headgear to view the 3D images on the big screen ahhh technology, gotta love it!

Girls swinging on trapezes were sighted at, I believe, the Olympus USA booth if I could've gotten past the shoulder-to-shoulder male onlookers that blocked the aisles, maybe I would have remembered the vendor.

Amatera-su was looking to get lei'd, (as in Hawaiian flower lei, silly) at the tropical-themed Polaroid booth, while having an instant photo taken with silver-suited aliens Polaroid has continued its marketing of the PhotoMAX Digital Camera with MP3 Player (retail $249), I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera with and without radio, and I-Zone Digital & Instant Combo Cameras, to the Generation Y & "New Independents" youth market now if they made a camera that also cooked dinner for me, I would consider buying it! After surviving this marketing barrage, attendees walked away with a blue Polaroid mini-life-preserver-cold-drink-holder that keeps your drink afloat in the pool!

Trade shows like PMA, are for companies to display their wares and lure show attendees with marketing gimmicks and ploys slogans sighted were:

Canon --- KNOW HOW

Nikon --- THINK BIG

Aren't your pictures worth a PENTAX ?

KODAK --- Where it all clicks

FUJIFILM --- Get the picture

What is essential? MINOLTA

OLYMPUS --- Focus On Life

Much of the important photos products and accessories seen at PMA 2001, have already been reviewed by Rob Galbraith, so rather than be redundant, simply click on:

Closing observations: everyone and their mothers are making and selling digital cameras and compact flash cards the most important products to us, are contained in this issue of Sports Shooter the crowds of attendees are hungry and receptive to new product developments and workflow/production solutions.

Image quality and speed (gotta-have-it right-now) continue to be top issues with digital photogs digital cameras and digital photography are in the toddler stages now, and will be even better and cheaper only time will tell

(Amatera-su, a former child actress in Japan, currently works as a digital imaging consultant)

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