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|| News Item: Posted 2001-01-23

Contest Deadline Nears
By Robert Hanashiro

It's just 5 days until the deadline for the annual Sports Shooter Contest!

Photo by
This year's total prizes total more than $9, 000 and there is no entry fee. All we ask is that you follow the simple rules to enter and that you be a subscriber to the e-mail version of Sports Shooter.

To subscribe, just write editor/publisher Robert Hanashiro a short e-mail, at, requesting to be put on the mailing list and also give some brief info about yourself.

And yes, Sports Shooter is FREE! (We ask that you support our regular sponsors, Penn camera, Roberts Distributors and Samy's camera.)


Here are the details for our 3rd Annual Sports Shooter Contest:

Photo by
This contest is sponsored through the generosity of Nikon, Roberts Distributors, Penn Camera, Lowepro, Samy's Camera, Fujifilm Commercial Imaging Division, Lexar, the Altamira Group and Minds@Work.

To check out past contest winners, follow the links for the Sports Shooter Archives, hosted by Brad Mangin Photography at:

Category 1
Best Action Photo (Film)
1st - Lowepro Pro Roller 1
(Donated by Lowepro)
2nd - Lowepro AV650
(Donated by Lowepro)
3rd - Fuji Gift Pack
(Donated by Fujifilm Commercial Imaging Division)

Photo by
Category 2
Best Action Photo (Digital)
1st - Digital Wallet
(Donated by Penn Camera and Minds@Work)
2nd - Lightware Digital Backpack
(Donated by Roberts Distributors)
3rd - Fuji Gift Pack
(Donated by Fujifilm Commercial Imaging Division)

Category 3
Best Olympic Photo (Film or Digital)
1st - Lexar 10x 160 meg Flash RAM Card
(Donated by Roberts Distributors and Lexar)
2nd - Lowepro AV600 and a Hoodman E2000
(Donated by Penn Camera)
Photo by
3rd - Fuji Gift Pack
(Donated by Fujifilm Commercial Imaging Division)

Category 4
Best No Ball (Film or Digital)
1st - Lexar 10x 160 meg Flash RAM Card
(Donated by Roberts Distributors and Lexar)
2nd - Lowepro AV600 and a Hoodman E2000
(Donated by Penn Camera)
3rd - Fuji Gift Pack
(Donated by Fujifilm Commercial Imaging Division)

Category 5
Best Student Sports Portfolio
* Epson 1270 Stylus Photo Printer
(Donated by Samy's Camera)

Category 6
Photo of the Year
* Nikon CoolPix 990 and Lexar 10x 160 meg Flash RAM Card
Photo by
(Donated by Nikon; Robert's Distributors and Lexar)

Images taken between January 1 2000 and December 31, 2000 are eligible for the 2000 Sports Shooter Contest.

To enter you must be a subscriber to Sports Shooter (you must be on the mailing list). A maximum of 5 images per entrant.

Best Student Portfolio (Category 5) entries should have NO MORE THAN 4 IMAGES. Criteria for judging will be the following: 1) impact; 2) diversity and 3) versatility. Entrants must have attended school for one term in 2000 to be eligible for this category.

Features, jubo and dejection should be entered in the "No Ball" Category. This category could also be for action images that are missing the ball (or puck).

Photo of the Year (Category 6) will be awarded by the judging panel and taken from entries in the five other categories. You DO NOT specifically enter this category.

Entries must be prepared in the following manner:

- Select a slug for your entry. This should be unique 5 or 6 letter code and could be a combination of letters of your name. After the 5 letter code, follow that with the number of the category and a . (dot) or _ (underscore) and the number of the entry. For example: Bertha1.1 (translation: Bertha (letter code) 1 (category 1) .1 (entry 1). OR for our Windoze users: Bertha1_1.jpg.

- We suggest using Adobe Photoshop to prepare your images for submission. Size the images as follows: 72 DPI with the largest dimension no bigger than 9 inches. In Photoshop compress the file at a JPEG setting of 4. This should give you a file of about 80-85k. Do not exceed these parameters. If there is a file that is too big, I will delete it from the server and not download it. I know this is harsh, but I cannot have over-sized entries clogging up the e-mail mailbox.

- In the "File Info" Caption box type in a complete caption (including the city, state and date the photo was taken) and put your name and publication at the end. (Example: San Diego, CA: Charger quarterback Ryan Leaf is sacked by the 49ers' Ken Norton during a game 12/6/00 at Qualcomm Stadium. Photo by Dana Scully, USA TODAY.) In the Caption Writer box type I your name and your e-mail address. And in the Headline box put in the category of the entry.

- Entries should not be composites or digitally manipulated. Over sharpening to correct an image that is obviously out-of-focus will be disqualified.

- Double check your entry: make sure it is slugged correctly, is not more than 9 inches and 72 DPI, all of the "File Info" fields are properly filled out. And finally, CHECK YOUR FILES WITH AN ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM. If I detect a virus in your entry, all of your submissions will be disqualified and you will be removed from the Sports Shooter mailing list.

- Submit your entries by e-mail to:

- Deadline for entries is midnight Pacific Time, Super Bowl Sunday, January 28, 2001.

- Judging will take place February 16 and hosted by Nikon at their Torrance, CA. offices. The judging panel will consist of: Robert Hanashiro (USA TODAY); Peter Read Miller (Sports Illustrated); Rick Rickman (NewSport), Ronal Taniwaki (Nikon Professional Services), Sam Mircovich (Reuters News Pictures) and Wally Skalij of the Los Angeles Times.

(The fine print: All decisions by the judging panel is final. If an entry is deemed to have been submitted into the wrong category, it will be up to the judges to determine if the image can and will be moved to the appropriate one. Prizes are supplied by the generosity of the Sports Shooter Contest sponsors and can be changed due to availability. All entries must have been taken by the photographer entering it into the contest. Submission to the contest grants use of the image in the contest gallery of winner posted on the Sports Shooter archive web site.)

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