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|| News Item: Posted 2000-12-20

Road Warrior: Lost on the Road? Find Your Way
By Mongo

Photo by
Where the hell am I?

You know the feeling:

You're out on the road, in a new city, it's late, you're tired, and you can't find the motel you're staying at cause those assholes in the sports department forgot to book you a room at the team hotel.

You're covering a playoff game and you missed the exit ramp for the arena. Now you're hopelessly lost on some side street in a really scary part of town.

You've gone to one of those online mapping sites and printed out the wrong map.

You're out in the middle of BFE and there aren't even any street signs.

Relax, 'cause Mongo's been there and done that, but Mongo never gets lost anymore thanks to the marvel of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and software packages like:
- Street Atlas USA Road Warrior Edition $44.95
- Street Atlas USA 8.0 $44.95
(Available at just about any software shop or online at

Photo by
Imagine having every square mile of the United States mapped, every street, highway, toll road, off ramp, dirt road and dead end at your fingertips! It's all contained on (1) CD (it's like having all the maps from every AAA office in the country, all on your computer)

Just type in a street address, intersection, place name, area code, local exchange, latitude/longitude or zip code and voila, a detailed map appears. You can zoom in or out on the map a see where you're going relative to where you are.

Oh yeah, where are you? That's where the GPS comes into play.

Plug in the GPS receiver to your laptop computer or PALM Pilot and you can track up to 12 satellites, which fix your position within a few yards. Just a few extra mouse clicks and Street Atlas can show you time and distance to your destination, plus the fastest way to get there.

What? Driving and typing don't go together. No problem, cause the Road Warrior version recognizes over 30 voice commands for GPS navigation, screen display and receiver control.

What? Driving and looking at a computer screen are hazardous to your health. No problem, cause Street Atlas actually has a voice synthesizer that actually speaks to you, giving directions as you drive!

(Mongo Johnson, a graduate of the Electoral Collegeclass of '72 formerly worked as a gaffer on the set of the George Foreman Grill infomercials. He currently is a travel consultant working in the Pacific.)

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