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|| News Item: Posted 2000-10-31

Highlights and Lowlights of the Nebraska / Oklahoma Football Game
By J. Pat Carter, AP

Lowlight: It was long lens. Pick a spot and stay there - with more than 600 media credentials issued. Donors, cheerleaders, wives and girlfriends of the media in addition to the overflow of writers, who did not have room in the press box, all on the sidelines. "Cling-ons" with 135 mm lenses and $19.95 unipods. Other OU sports coaches along with their families. Fans with their underage sons. Cheerleaders who wanted to be on the front row in front of the working media.

Lowlight: Donors and fans in the media parking lot. To get a parking spot, media members had to be parked by 7:30 am for the 11 kickoff. Many of the fans left their cars overnight in the media lot.

Lowlight: A photo sideline pass for sale in ebay. Rumored to have been offered by a member of the Sports Informatin Office, who is rumored to have said he/she had been selling passes for years. Stadium and university employee passes were, also, sold, along with a number of counterfeit tickets.

Highlight: The 25 plus member photographers working in the Associated Press work space had a choice of using the phones they had ordered or the newly installed ethernet ports, that AP freelancer Jerry Laizure, had been able to get OU to install game week. Instead of 4-minute transmissions, 11-second transmissions were the order of the day.

Highlight: Overcast day and good action.

Lowlight: Over zealous police officers pepper spraying the media, fans, students and other security people as they tried to take the goal post.

Highlight: Seeing the excitement, winning the game meant not to the team, but to the state. Oklahoma, after its long series of disasters (parts of the state flooded game week as more than 10 inches of rain fell only 30 miles from the stadium). After the game, OU fans stood on street corners cheering, honking and yelling "we are number one".

The best highlight: Seeing old friends, eating with out-of-own media/photographers at Sala Thai - a truly great Thai food place.

(J. Pat Carter is a staff photographer with the Associated Press based in Oklahoma City.)

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