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|| News Item: Posted 2000-08-28

Equipment News
By Jeff Snyder, Penn Camera

Pre-Olympic Notes:

Nikon ---

D1's are now IN STOCK for immediate delivery, and I am happy to say that the EN-4 Batteries are as well! Lenses that have been hard to get are now starting to arrive, such as 17-35 SW, 28-70 SW and the 80-200 SW. The 400mm f2.8 SW long glass that you'll need for the Olympics, the upcoming NFL openers are here too, along with TC14E teleconverters (at least as of this writing).

Nikon has just announced the MH-17 Car Charger for the D1's EN4 battery and the MN-15 F100 Battery. The MH-17 works with a 12vt system in cars, and charges an EN4 battery in 160 minutes.

If you're looking for a pocket sized point & shoot film camera to keep with you, take a good hard look at the Nikon LitTouch Zoom 120ED camera sharp as a tack with ED glass and priced at $189.99.

Canon ---

The Internet is buzzing with info and sample pictures from the D30. That's the good news, the bad news is that Canon (as of 08/14/00) tells us that the D30 will not be finally priced or delivered to dealers until late September or sometime in October. We are accepting orders now, without obligation. I'll pass on as much info as I can, as it becomes available.

A few new products from Canon, a new 28-200 f3.5-5.6 lens, a new 420EX strobe, and a new Elan 7 and Elan 7E, which will be in, kits with a new 28-90 lens.

Fuji ---

Fuji now says that the S1 digital camera will begin to ship during the month of September. We've been getting a tremendous amount of inquiries on the S1. To read more about it and its specifications, go to:

Fuji is now making available for sale their 4X loupe, which is now IN STOCK... Special pricing for Sports Shooter readers!!!


Stock up now.... FUJI CZ135-36 is now $2.65 per roll, just $53.00 per ProPack of 20 rolls... WOW...This is fresh film from Fuji USA, with long expiration dates... Sports Shooter readers will receive FREE shipping ...just mention that you saw this note...

Sony ---

Sony's new CD-1000 digital camera that records to 3" CD-R's should be in by early September... watch for this one!

LowePro ---

The new Stealth series shoulder bags should be in very soon as well as the new D-Res case for the Nikon Coolpix 990's... Don't forget that the LowePro Pacsafes is a great way to secure your valuable equipment to a post or railing. These are wire mesh bags that go around your backpack or shoulder style cases and lock onto a stationary object.... Great for football and while traveling to Sydney! We also carry in stock the LowePro S&F line of accessory bags take a look at for the complete line up. We still have the Stealth backpacks with the "White House News Photographers Association" logo on them at a special price for Sports Shooter readers of $169...The new shoulder style Stealth bags should be arriving any day...

Photo by
Eveready ---

The NEW Eveready AA Titanium Batteries are now in stock. These are long lasting and a bit less expensive than the Lithium's.

We are fully set up to ship FedEx to Australia, and the shipments we have made so far have arrived in two days. So if you find yourself in a bind, call or e-mail me !

(Jeff Snyder of Penn Camera can be contacted at: 1-800-347-5770; FAX: 301 -210-7370; AIM: JeffPennCamera; e-mail:

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