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|| News Item: Posted 2000-08-28

Count Down to Sydney
By Tim Clayton, The Sydney Morning Herald

Well, 20 days to go and hopefully we are set for one of the greatest Olympic games ever! Gary Kemper and big Joe Traver and the team in charge of press photography at SOCOG have done an exceptional job and fingers crossed the proof will be in the pudding when the games start.

Stress levels at the Sydney Morning Herald are at heart attack I'm busy on a couple of weeks holiday painting and've got to stay sane somehow! I for one wish the games were starting tomorrow! Six years at 'spring training' is a hell of a long time!

I have no more advice or information to give; the venues are ready... well just about! The weather is beautiful already, and I'm sure we'll all be wearing shorts through the day in fifty days time! The transport system is having a few problems; trains keep de-railing almost weekly which is a major headache for the state government, the transport as always remain a big question mark!

I look forward to meeting fellow colleagues and sports shooter readers old and new, for a few cold one's and a good old winge (that's what photographers do best) in the media bar!

Anyone with last minute question that I may be able to answer can e-mail me at

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for this important and worthwhile publication which Robert puts together so brilliantly and I hope somebody out there has at least got one useful bit of information from me, although I can't for the life of me remember writing anything of interest!

Watch out for the crocks, the kangaroos and the funnel web spiders while your walking the streets of Sydney and be careful of the beer, many a tourist has fallen over on the 'amber nectar' which has generally a higher alcohol content than 'the average' beer.

Bon voyage to all travelers to Sydney, may you all have a safe journey, a fantastic shoot, thoroughly enjoy the games, be in awe of this fantastic city and have the time of your lives been paid to cover the best show on Earth. Life is beautiful!

See ya soon!

(Tim Clayton is a sports photographer at Sydney Morning Herald.)

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