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|| News Item: Posted 2000-07-28

The Bagman Returns!
New digital bag from Lightware

By Robert Hanashiro

Photo by
Lightware recently let Sports Shooter try out their new, as yet unnamed, digital backpack. And to say the least, it wowed many during the recent NBA Playoffs.

Modeled after their GripPack, the new digital bag is larger and has two sewn-in zippered pouches for cameras and a large area for lenses or other accessories. Your laptop is housed in a removable carrying case.

The bottom of the bag is the key to what makes this bag different from its competitor from LowePro. Rather than three sewn-in pockets for lenses, Lightware has incorporated their removable divider system so photographer can figure the bag to suit their needs.

Want to take 2 digital cameras and three lenses? No problem. Have to take 3 cameras and two zooms? Not a problem. Going to shoot hoops and need to haul a 300mm 2.8 along with your short glass? Yes, the new Lightware digital backpack can do that to.

I've used the LowePro Stealth for over a year (and it saved my ass more than once last Summer in Kosovo!) and one of my only complaints is you have to lay it down flat to open it up to get to your equipment. The Lightware digital bag can stand straight up (the bottom is flat and heavily padded to add better protection for your gear) making equipment easily accessible.

Made out of Lightware's durable black colorfast "ballistics material" it also sports all of the features we've come to expect from Lightware: excellent construction, tight seams, heavy duty zippers and D rings and little pockets everywhere (for that small tool kit or Swiss Army Cyber Tool).

There's also plenty of inside pockets for those memory cards and camera batteries.

If production models are changed from the prototype I used, the interior will be white. I know, I knowall of you photogs out there want their bags in "basic shooter black." But there is a reason for this insanity in low light conditions (like the dreadful Staples Center digital darkroom) finding items housed in a black bag is very difficult. I will admit keeping the interior clean will be a challenge for us, but the whiteinterior made finding that dropped dongle a hellua lot easier. (We'll see if Lightware goes through with this white interior idea for the production models.)

Photo by
Now to the question most ask when I have showed the bag: YES, it will fit through the airport security template fully loaded (two digital bodies, three zoom lenses, 10 MicroDrives, camera batteries, a small flash, G3 PowerBook and power supply.

While fully loaded, the Lightware digital backpack looked bottom heavy and a little "lumpy." but once on my back it was comfortable (as much as it can be holding 2 DCS520s, 3 zooms, laptop and accessories). The walk from the Staples Center parking lot to the Chick Hearn Pressroom (which included a flight of stair) was not a strain.

As with all bags, I do not recommend over stuffing the Lightware digital backpack for health reasons. But for traveling through airports and even to the stadium or arena, this is the all-in-one answer.

Paul Peregrin fromLightware says availability should be within a month or so and that pricing has yet to be determined.

The Bagman says: "check it out!"

For the full line of Lightware products, go to their website at:

(The Bagman, Robert Hanashiro, will periodically review and inform readers on the latest in equipment storage and handling. His wife Deanna notes that his office closet is a warehouse of Domke, LowePro, Lightware and Tamrac products. If you have any questions or want any recommendations for what to transport your gear in, email him at:

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