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|| News Item: Posted 2000-05-30

Summer Specials from Penn Camera
By Jeff Snyder, Penn Camera

The CoolPix 990 3.34 megapixel cameras are in stock for immediate delivery! This under $1000 camera produces a 9mb file for spectacular output. It has outstanding exposure and color balance with the 256 Element Matrix Metering and White balance feature. Super easy connectivity with USB downloads direct from the camera. For the complete list of specification go here: Call or Email for SPECIAL SPORTS SHOOTER PRICING!!

Nikon's Coolpack kit which includes a case for the CoolPix cameras, 4 NiMh batteries and Charger and most importantly, a 27mm filter kit is in stock....

D1's have been flowing through the system with ease! Keep in mind when you place your order, if you are a member of NPS, please give us your member number for even a faster priority! The feedback continues to glow from D1 users

NEW NIKON 14mm F2.8D ED Lens -- Nikon just announced their new 14mm f2.8 wide angle lens. Delivery will begin in July and I am accepting orders NOW! It will be supplied with a lens hood and accepts gel filters in the rear mounted holder. I have Nikon's final pricing....Call or email me for details.

The N80, Nikon's latest 35mm film SLR has arrived. Aimed towards the advanced amateur, the N80 combines features found in its big brothers, the F100 and F5. With 18 Custom Functions, a 10 segment 3D Matrix Meter and the Multi CAM 900 autofocus module, plus more, the N80 is fast becoming the most popular SLR for under $500...for all the specs, go to

We are awaiting word on the delivery status and pricing of the Nikon 80-400 VR lens that was shown at PMA ...

CoolPix 950's are down in price, plus there's still a $100 rebate back from Nikon!


Sandisk has released a new 25% faster USB Compact Flash Card reader...and only $39.99 (pn#1612). Compact Flash Cards from Sandisk now available in 16, 32, 48, 64, 96, & 128mb, as well as 160mb CFII.


The super fast 160mb 10X Compact flash cards are in stock now!


Photo by
Just this week, the word was out on the net about Canon's new D30 Digital SLR. Based on an EOS body, it has a list price of $2700 (USD), powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, it accepts all of the Canon EF lenses. According to what I read you can shoot up to 3 frames per second, for up to 8 frames. It has a 3.25 million pixel CMOS sensor, with total pixels 2226x1460. ISO ranges from 100-1600, and uses Compact Flash memory. Images can be downloaded via a USB port on the camera.... As we get more definitive information on the D30 I'll pass it along immediately.

This is NOT Canon's answer to the Nikon D1. We expect to hear about a Canon Pro Digital SLR prior to the end of the year.

Canon's cash rebate program is in effect through the end of June on selected SLR bodies and lenses. Most of the 2.8 Zooms have a $100 rebate associated with them. Call me for details.

The EOS1-V bodies have started to come in. They are showing up slowly and we're shipping every camera we get, so if you have an order in house already...the moment it comes in, I'll get it out.

Canon's 15x45 Image Stabilized binoculars have dropped again! Now you can own these at $899 less a Canon rebate of $50!!! They have a list price of $2300...Take advantage now for summer viewing...


Lots of news from Kodak this month... The DCS520 and DCS620 have been reduced in price! Both of these bodies are now available for under $7500....

The NEW Kodak Gold NiMh batteries are in stock at $99 each. They are for the DCS series cameras ... there is also a new charger for these batteries, that will handle both the NiCad and NiMh batteries, called the Kodak Battery Charger & AC Kit, which is in stock for $220.

Kodak has announced an additional camera to the line-up, the new DCS620X. Similar to the DCS620, but with an all new CCD, color filter array and low noise electronics. As a result of this the effective ISO range on the DCS620X is from 400-6400. The new Color Filter array on the 2 megapixel indium tin oxide CCD provides enhanced spectral response, producing high picture quality at extremely high ISO ranges and higher color saturation. Those of you that shoot sports action, scientific imaging and law enforcement in low light or changing lighting conditions will benefit greatly from the DCS620X. For a complete list of specs, call me or email me and I can get them to you. The DCS620X will be available in June. And according to Kodak, they have NO plans of marketing a Canon EOS version of this camera.

Photo by
NEW -- Kodak 8650R Thermal Printer..Just announced today! Up to 8x10" prints in about one minute, using Kodak's thermal media. The printer ships with 48mb RAM standard and is upgradeable to 64mb. It prints at 300 DPI, continuous tone. These are remanufactured printers that deliver the photo quality of the 8650, but at a significantly lower price of $2299. There is a Network Interface card available as well as extended service options. Question??? Call or email!

DCS560 and DCS660 Digital Camera PROMO --- For a limited time you will receive a FREE Mac G4 Computer with the purchase of these cameras. These are 6 million pixel cameras, with an ISO range from 80-200. They are designed for Studios and the medical field, where very high resolution is a must.

And this just in from Kodak: Please note the following information concerning availability of new software / firmware for DCS cameras:

Software: The next release of Host software for DCS cameras is scheduled for posting on the web the week of May 22. New version numbers are TWAIN / Acquire ver. 5.9.1, SDK v1.6.1, and File Format Module (FFM) v1.2.1 Important New Features in this software release Support for the DCS 620x, including reduced saturation mode for DCS 620x. The software will now include a switch to allow users to choose if GPS data (if present) is imprinted. Current software always imprints GPS data if it is present in the file. Improved IEEE 1394 support (Requires Firmware V3.2 for full enablement) Faster IEEE 1394 data transfer OHCI IEEE 1394 card support (Win 2000 & Win 98 SE). See previous note on 3/25/00 concerning IEEE 1394 support for DCS cameras for more information. CardBus (PCMCIA) IEEE 1394 support (Mac, Win 98, Win 2000). This will allow laptops running these operating systems to tether to a computer using a PC card IEEE 1394 connection. A list of qualified PC Cards that provide this support will be provided shortly. Firmware: The next release of firmware for DCS 330, DCS 5xx and DCS 6xx cameras will be ver. 3.2 DCS 5xx and DCS 6xx firmware is currently scheduled to be posted to the Kodak web page the week of June 5. DCS 330 firmware is scheduled to be posted approx. two weeks later Important New Features in this firmware release: Serial port functionality External GPS connectivity Modem & Cell phone transfer (this feature will require an unlocking key for activation) Improved SBA functionality Improved IEEE 1394 performance (requires host software 5.9.1 for full enablement)


Tamron's 14mm f2.8 wide angle lens is gaining popularity everyday with digital shooters! Take a look at it this lens soon, while the $100 rebate is in effect through 06/30/00. Rebate on many other Tamron lenses too...


We will have available a limited number of "Domke F3X Ballistic" Bags with the "White House News Photographers Association" Logo embroidered on the front. These are a part of a limited run and each bag is numbered up to #2400. Domke will be donating part of the proceeds from these bags back to the White House News Photographers Association. To place an order for one or more of these limited edition bags, email or call me. Again, supplies are limited. They are $89 each, with FREE shipping for SPORTS SHOOTER readers.


Watch for the long anticipated Fuji S1 digital camera with Super CDD technology. Calls are coming in everyday on this exciting new addition to the high-end digital camera line up.... be patient the delivery is about 60 days away! We are now told that a late July delivery date for the S1's.

New in Fuji Films are the 4th layer technology in the Superia 100, 200 and 400 speed neg films. This will allow you to shoot under fluorescent lighting without filtration.

For accredited professional photographers that will be attending the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, you can register for the FUJIFILM Press centers here:

Fuji Pictrography 3000 printers are being offered by Fuji for lease with a ZERO percent lease program. Call me for the details.

Tripod Leg Wraps.
Optech Tripod legs wraps have arrived, in 1", 1.25" and 1.5" sizes. Add these wraps to your tripod for extra added protection and an easy grip for carrying.


We are now stocking the NEW Epson Photo 870 and 1270 printers. If you haven't seen the results that these two printers will give you from your digital files, you're missing out! The photo quality is unbeatable in an inkjet printer! The 1270 model will handle 13x19" papers, and both will work with the Epson Photo 4"x26' roll paper. Also there is a new Epson 875DC printer, which has the same specs as the 870, BUT has a PCMCIA Slot in the printer for direct printing from your digital files! You can take the printer along without a computer! The 875DC will be available in about 4 weeks. We are also stocking the inks for both as well as Epson's Photo Papers in both Glossy and Matte finish.

Inkjet Photo Papers -- In addition to the Epson line of Inkjet papers, we are also stocking the Konica Glossy paper in 8.5x11, 11x17, and 13x19 as well as Post Card size 4x6". Konica just recently introduced a Silky finish paper in 8.5x11, also in stock.

HP -- New here art Penn Camera are the Hewlett Packard 932CSE, P1000 & P1100 printers, the S20 Photosmart Scanner, the C500 Digital Camera, and the HP Inkjet papers....

And as always.... thank you for your continued support. We strive to assist you in being up to date on the latest in technology to make your jobs easier. Feel free to contact us anytime with any concerns or questions that you may have. Don't forget, we ship worldwide via FedEx everyday.

(Jeff Snyder of Penn Camera can be contacted at: 800-347-5770--301-210-7366
301-210-7370 Fax or

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