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|| News Item: Posted 2000-04-27

Equipment Notes From Roberts
By Jody Grober

Hello to all the Sports Shooters readers.

Another month has passed and spring is upon us. Spring rains, gardens blooming, NBA playoffs and baseball..isn't life grand!!!

Well, a hardy thanks to everyone that made it to Indy for the NCAA final four and our little party. Great food, good people and a chance to socialize outside of work. It was time well spent.

Special thanks to Kodak who made the party such a success.

Of course, major thanks to Dave Davenport and Bob Cosway of Kodak for the great support, fantastic food, door prizes and the free rentals of the Kodak digital camera.

Also thanks to Larry Franks of Lowe Pro for the super camera bags that two lucky shooters walked away with.


Specials for the month are below, but don't forget about last months cord deals. We have done preliminary testing on our deal 2 cords (the F4 to household female with the MC25) and found that when zipped to a plunger (pickle switch) it will fire the D-1. Great for remote D-1s.


Versaflex Multiformat case: 16"x19"x20" O.D.
List $ 265.00 regular price $195.00 Sale price $150.00
Sports Shooter price: $132.00
ONLY 4 (all black) AVAILABLE!!

Seaking 821 with pluck foam: 8.4"x 12.9" x 20.9" I.D.
List $ 199.00 Regular Price $165.00
Sport Shooter price: $ 105.00
ONLY 3 (all black) AVAILABLE!!

***Make sure you mention the Sports Shooter.***

From the news front:

Nikon says it is still going to be several months before the 80-400 vibration control comes available. We are taking names for the list now.

The long awaited CoolPix 990s will be rolling in any day now. As usual the line is long but I will give special preference to you Sports Shooters. It would make an awesome point and shoot to keep on your belt.

The D-1 will be more readily in stock soon. The new price is $4499.00, still a fantastic value.

From Canon, the 1v is here. Canon assures us that by late May most of the orders will be filled. We have begun shipping them so call us right away and get your name in.

500 IS lenses are still difficult to get but the other IS lenses are fairly available.

The rumor is that it should be August for Canon's new digital SLR. I will keep you up to date in future months.

PhotoMechanic will be in stock soon. I would appreciate any input from those who have used it. Thanks.

Finally, I look forward to seeing some of you in our store as you visit Indy during the Pacers march to the championship.

Until then thanks to all for your continued support and above all have fun!

(Roberts Distributors is located in Indianapolis. Jonathan "Jody" Grober can be reached at 1-800-726-5544 and via email at

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