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|| News Item: Posted 2000-03-23

We Got Mail!
By Robert Hanashiro

(Editors note: And BOY did we get mail! Chris Covatta's tongue-in-cheek, satirical look at the problems photographers encounter when trying to go back and forth between the U.S. and Canada caused quiet a stir. Mostly from the Canadians. We received about 3 dozen emails ranging from constructive to down right vicious and violent. Here is a small sampling of letters we received on Chris's piece last month.)

- What's up with Chris Covatta??

If he was any higher on his own horse he would be flying.

Next time do all of us Canadians a favor and stay home. We wouldn't want to be accused of "sticking a beaver up your backside" or anything else for that matter. I'll take my "goddamn country" as you put it, thank you very much.

Covatta, you should check out how many Canadians are shooting great sports photos and more than the just the great sport with the "toothless bastards."

You really do sound like an expert on everything. Just keep "lying your ass off" you sound like you're pretty good at that.

Dave Chidley, President of the W.C.N.P.A. (Western Canadian News Photographers Association)


- I can't believe you would post such an article. It is prejudice and unfair. I as a Canadian Photojournalist have submitted to the AP via the Canadian Press and have enjoyed much success in the visiting team town papers with strong basketball photos.

This guy who wrote this article is being an asshole. If we Canadians are so shitty then explain Gary Hershorn, Mike Blake, Hans Deryk, Andy Clark, Denis Paquin and Rob Galbraith, Nick Didlick... the list goes on...if we suck so much why have Canadians shot at every World Series final in recent memory for major wire services. Baseball not Hockey-- your fucking pastime-- not hockey-- oh yeah and a Canadian invented basketball. Tell that to your card shooter when he is setting his remotes.

PS: It is EH not HEY get it right or don't attempt it at all. When he comes into Toronto next time I will do my best Marty McSorley to his Donald Brashear with out a suspension. Tell him not to come he is not welcome.

Pissed off Canadian Rene Johnston.


- Well, well, well it is about time that our immigration department started to give the Americans just as much grief about shooting in Canada as we get when we try to shoot in the USA.

To say that we can not shoot hoops, only hockey is so ignorant that it simply does not require any further comment. Mr Covatta should remove his argonaut head from the sand.

That he was hassled at the boarder is too bad, poor Chris. Maybe this will make Upper Deck source a Canadian photographer to shoot in Canada, as it should be. Either that or open your boarder so we can work in the States.

Mr. Covatta says "Don't go to Canada on assignment unless you REALLY need the money." and I say good. I hope you say home, maybe one of us will get the job, and we sure don't need ignorant Americans like you here.

Steve Ray, Staff Photographer, Maple Ridge News.


- RE: Covatta
Do the Canadian authorities ask every time Kevin Garnett goes into Canada, "is there a Canadian who can do your job?"

TW, Los Angeles

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