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|| News Item: Posted 2000-03-23

Leading Off: What is Said During an NBA Timeout?
By Robert Hanashiro

Photo by Robert Hanashiro

Photo by Robert Hanashiro
I was thinking the other day about the dilemma NBA coaches were facing ... wear a microphone or get slapped with a $100,000 fine.

Fortunately for Paul Westphal, Phil Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, et al the league rescinded the fines they had levied and modified the edict so only boom mikes would be poked into huddles during timeouts.

While sports columnist had fun at the NBA's expense, telling us that what goes on in a typical NBA huddle is not entertaining nor enlightening (Larry Brown telling Allen Iverson to "keep on pumping" after going 0 - 5 from the floor is not earth shattering to say the least).

Most speculated that the reason for the networks desire to find out the intimate goings on in an NBA huddle is rating motivated (of course, what isn't these days?) ... and a recent USA TODAY piece showed that ratings are down this season by about 20 per cent.

If NBC, TNT and TBS are so desperate to jazz up their broadcasts I had a great idea: why not mike the photographers?

So here is a transcript from the recent Los Angeles Lakers - Sacramento Kings game at the new Staples Center:

1st Quarter, Kings up by 7:
Bert: "Hey Sam, did you get that friggin' monster Shaq dunk?" (Sound of DCS520 quick control dial in the background.)
Sam: "Hell yes you weenie! You think I'm friggin' lame?"
Paul" "What friggin' dunk?"

Timeout in the 2nd quarter, Kings now lead by 11:
Paul: "Jeeezzz, did you see what that friggin' Laker Girl just did!" (Will Smith's "Getting Jiggy Wit It" plays in the background."
Sam: "Man, I love that stripper routine they do!'
Bert: "What friggin' Laker Girl?"

Kobe Bryant hits a 3-pointer to cut the lead to 5 near the end of the half:
Bert: "Man, how much friggin' money do you think he makes a game?"
Paul: "More than friggin' Dyan Cannon that's for friggin' sure!"
Sam: "Who's Dyan Cannon?"

Photo by Robert Hanashiro

Photo by Robert Hanashiro
Lakers come back in the closing minutes to beat Sacramento:
Paul: "Hey...where do you friggin' guys want to eat?"
Sam: "Not in the friggin' press room again!"
Bert: "Let's call Mongo and get some friggin' noodles!"

Like I said ... it's just an idea.

* * *

We have another special and eclectic issue of Sports Shooter this month. Outdoor photographer Cory Rich gives us a close up look at the world of hiking and mountain climbing. From Ivo Gonzalez we get a taste of Brazil and covering the sports scene there. Aric Crabb tells us about covering one of the top surfing competitions in the world, Mavericks at Half Moon Bay.

We get a users report on the new Pocket Wizard Max from USA TODAY's H. Darr Beiser and as usual, much, much more.

So sit back, adjust the contrast on that monitor, turn down the volume on that new Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra CD and enjoy Sports Shooter v.18.

Robert Hanashiro

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