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|| News Item: Posted 2000-02-23

"V"-Va Las Vegas
Notes and Observations From PMA

By Peter Read Miller, Sports Illustrated

Every working photographer/photojournalist should go to the Photo Marketing Show once. If for no other reason, to learn our true place in the food chain of the photo industry.

PMA isn't about photography, it isn't about photographers; it's about guys in ties taking other guys in ties into little rooms (kind of like the "closing rooms" at a car dealer), and making deals.

That and dueling Marilyn Monroe impersonators, SS's own Rick Rickman signing posters at the Nikon booth, and of course the ever popular babbling brook with millstone posing set for your high school portrait business.

Photo by
The "V" in the title is of course Canon's new EOS-1 V. "V" not five, don't ask me why. Maybe for Very fast, which it is.... 9.5 fps w/ continuous autofocus, 10 fps on One-Shot or manual (anyone want to buy an RS?). Adjustable diopter, 1/250 synch, and no eye directed focus point all make this camera the full-on serious pro camera Canon users have been waiting for.

The body seems very solid, almost a little on the heavy side. Everything seems very well gasketed and sealed. Of course, the "V" has more custom functions than you can shake a stick at, plus "Personal Functions" programmable by your computer. It's supposed to be in stores in April ($1800 w/o booster) but it does use the same booster and batteries as the EOS-3. Thanks Canon. When asked about a digital version, Canon folks were noncommittal, but several did acknowledge that it would make a "very good platform" for digital... stay tuned.

Of other interest, to me at least, was the Epson 1270 printer. Similar in specs to the 1200, however, using new inks that when combined with new Epson papers offer longevity of 9 years (for the glossy) to 20years (for the matte). No, the inks will not be available for previous Epsons. (Anyone want to buy a used 1200 ???)

Gary Regester of Plume softbox fame, showed a cool looking 6 ' umbrella. He says he also has a 14 footer coming! They seem pretty solid, using a Bogan SuperBoom as part of the structure. They should be here (they're made in China) in about a month and they will be part of the Red Wing line he does with Calumet.

Hensel promises a bi-tube head for their Porty system and Fuji showed a 100-200 zoom for their GX680 camera.

(Peter Read Miller is a staff photographer with Sports Illustrated based in Southern California.)

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