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|| News Item: Posted 2000-02-23

Leading Off: Super Bowl Rants and Raves
By Robert Hanashiro

Photo by Robert Hanashiro

Photo by Robert Hanashiro
It has a year ago that I whined about the mayhem at the end of the Super Bowl as the MVP, John Elway, marched toward the trophy presentation. "Keep ALL of the photographers off the field" so everyone would have equal opportunity to make a frame or two and nobody gets hurt I decried!

Well, the NFL tried just that at the end of last month's Rams - Titans game at the Georgia Dome. A letter from NFL informing everyone that credentialed personnel would not be allowed on the field at the conclusion of the game was handed out at the media center. And sure enough, yellow - jacketed security guards tried to run a rope completely around the field with about 2 minutes to go in the game.

Problem was, unlike most Super Bowls, this game went to the final play and mass confusion was the evident ... the ropes went up on some quadrants of the field, while it didn't in others. And in the end, we all jumped the rope and pushed past the yellow jackets.

Maybe because of the confusion, maybe because there were a lot of people to try to capture (Kurt Warner? Dick Vermeil? Isaac Bruce? Or the Titans' Eddie George siting alone on the losers' bench?) the post-game "cluster-f**k" was not as bad as most.

But the NFL's intent and our determination not to get screwed by the other shooters streaming out on the field, makes controlling post-game "gang-bangs" a stand off.

Photo by Bob Deutsch/USA Yoday

Photo by Bob Deutsch/USA Yoday
For now.

Stay tuned.

A few other notes from the spectacle we know as the Super Bowl:

- Obviously the NFL Properties photography department doesn't read Sports Shooter. Also distributed at the credentialing center was a letter informing photographers that NFL Properties photographers had conducted test exposures at the Georgia Dome and gave detailed explanations on how much to push film shot during the game and giving
suggested exposures. Problem was the test was conducted at the 49er - Falcon Monday Nite game at the end of the regular season and the Georgia Dome REPLACED all of the lights a couple of weeks later. The light was a good STOP brighter than the NFL's two-week old test!!!

Kudos to the Georgia Dome.

Boos to the NFL for the bogus info and for canceling the scheduled lighting test the Wednesday before the game.

- And speaking of Kudos: An extra special KUDO to the Atlanta Journal Constitution and AME John Glen for hosting what was probably the BEST media party ever. Daddy Dz BBQ was packed with shooters the Friday night before the game as we all sampled arguably the best Q in town. We were also treated to a great night of Blues with local shooter Greg Foster sittin' in on the slide guitar with the house band. Greg's set ended with a line of female photographers stuffing dollar bills into his shirt! (Hey St. Pete Times and Tampa Trib ... you're up next!)

- One thing this Super Bowl did confirm: setting off fireworks in an INDOOR venue is not only hazardous to everyone's health, but totally SUCKS for shooting there after because the smoke lingers for 90 minutes! I know it was bad field level, but overhead it was probably impossible to
Photo by Robert Hanashiro

Photo by Robert Hanashiro
see what was happening on the field until the final few minutes of the game. (Of course, most would say what else would you have needed to see other than that?)

'Nuff said!

* * *

Badda Bing: We have another eclectic issue this month with Tim Clayton checking in with an informative report on the Olympic Media Village in Sydney; a look at Spring Training from Rich Pilling of Major League Baseball; Albert Dickson gives us an insider's look at the recent sale of The Sporting News; USA TODAY's Bob Deutsch goes to the dogs; Chris Covatta's Canadian vacation; Sam Mircovich shows us how to work our legs in his continuing Healthy Tips column; Peter Read Miller gives us highlights from the recent PMA show in Las Vegas; we announce the winners of the 2nd Annual Sports Shooter Contest; the start of a new feature,"The Road Warrior" by Mongo and ... as we say at Sports Shooter: "Much, much, more!"

So sit back, hit the pause on that videotape of "La Femme Nikita" and enjoy Sports Shooter v.17.

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