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|| News Item: Posted 1999-12-23

New & Notes
By Robert Hanashiro

* Dodger Stadium photo positions saved ... for now. I confirmed recently that the Los Angeles Dodgers have acceded to our complaints about the elimination of the field level photo positions at Dodger Stadium.

The outside first and outside third photo wells will essentially remain the same as they have for the past several years. HOWEVER the inside photo positions maybe be lost to the remodeling currently going on at the stadium.

There is still some maneuvering that may take place in conjunction with the position of broadcast TV camera spots. But as of now, permanent spots for stills inside first and inside third are not there. (Note: if you had telephone lines installed in the inside photo position, you may want to contact the Dodgers and have them relocated.)

An LA Dodger official told me that the letter and fax campaign in early October and then again in early November targeted at new CEO Robert Daily turned the tide. The Dodgers P.R. staff was miffed that the news about the renovations taking out the photo boxes "was leaked to the press" and was curious how the information got to us.

They added "it's obvious the pen is mightier than the camera" and "that the season ticket holders didn't have as much support as you photographers did."

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times (Vince Compagnone), USA TODAY (Steve Mawyer), the Associated Press (Tom Stathis), Sports Illustrated (Steve Fine & Maureen Grise), NPPA's Sports Committee (Rich Clarkson) and Reuters News Pictures for helping to apply the pressure on the Dodgers and Fox.

If it weren't for all of you, we'd be shooting from platforms behind the first section of box seats using 600mm lenses and extenders!

(Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter & USA TODAY.)


* This from Bob Larson at the Contra Costa Times:

Photo by
When the Contra Costa Times finally put the stamp of approval to go digital, the wheels starting turning in my head. What do I do with the equipment I own and will not need anymore. I will keep some for freelance work. But the days of using my gear or over, thanks to Alan Greth. So back to the wheels that are turning.

I called Bruce Kwitny at Roberts and told him I had an EOS-1 with a 20mm lens that I wanted to trade. And here's the fun part, NOT FOR CAMERA GEAR. I wanted a 27 inch Sony TV with a DVD player. Bruce said, no problem. A couple weeks later a 40 foot Yellow Freight truck and trailer pulled up to my house and a big ass truck driver said in a joking manner, " where's your loading dock".

Well I got my 27 inch sony TV and will have to wait on the DVD player, my gear wasn't worth that much. But for those of you wondering what to do with that dust covered EOS-1 thats sitting in a closet somewhere. Trade it for something you and your family can enjoy. Happy shopping!


* Brad Mangin Photography recently posted a wonderful 22 image portfolio of the work of long-time Oakland A's and 49er team photographer Michael Zagaris. The images comprise work by Michael during his years as a rock & roll shooter in the Bay Area. Highlights include images of the Sex Pistols, The Who and Lou Reed shooting up on stage. Follow the "Guest Gallery" links at:


* Photographers Services at the Winter Goodwill Games

Joe Traver, passes along this information about the upcoming Goodwill games: The professional services divisions of the major camera companies have both announced participation in the inaugural Winter Goodwill Games in Lake Placid NY February 16 through 20, 2000.

Canon Professional Services under the direction of Dave Metz in Lake Success, NY and Nikon Professional Services under the direction of Bill Pekala of Melville, NY, will both operate in the main press center to be located in the Promenade of the Lake Placid Hilton Hotel.

Nikon and Canon have long been very supportive of working sports photographers and will be on site with repair services and camera loan to accredited photographers; hours will be dependent on events.

Film processing will be available during extended hours at the High Peaks photo lab (a Kodak imaging facility) on the street level of the main press center/Hilton. Each of the venues have hosted the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Games will have a press sub-center that will support digital photography transmission in addition to working press on deadline.

The 11 sports to be contested at the Winter Goodwill Games are: alpine skiing, bobsled, cross country skiing, figure skating, freestyle skiing, luge, nordic combined, short track speedskating, skeleton, ski jumping and snowboarding. As in traditional Goodwill Games, the Winter Goodwill Games invite the world's best athletes to compete in the Games' signature finals-only format. In addition to the pursuit of a gold medal, competitors will be vying for their share of a substantial prize and performance purse.

(Note: Joe Traver, the Goodwill Games photo chief, can be contacted at TEL: 716-884-8844 and via e-mail:

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