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|| News Item: Posted 2011-04-08

Bert’s List Of Some Interesting Things On The ‘Net'

By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter Newsletter

Photo by
This installment of BLOG Log features several fun things from friends of mine (and Sports Shooter). If you have an interesting post on your personal website or read of viewed something fun and cool, let me know!

I’ve always wanted to do a portrait like this. And the Master Portraitist Robert Seale gives us a step-by-step breakdown on a shoot he did for Sports Illustrated shooting through plexiglass.

I don’t know a more fun, cool couple than Dave Honl and Claudia Christian. Check out this very funny video on Claudia’s website:

At one of my workshops I pulled out my trusty Minolta Flashmeter II for a demo portrait shoot and several students had no idea what it was. Worse yet, they didn’t know where the PC cord went…they kept looking at where to plug in the Dynalights into the hotshoe! Here’s a little ad so you can take a light meter with you everywhere.

Tiffany Brown started a project several years ago on Tom Urbanski who was shot during an altercation at a Las Vegas strip club involving “Pacman” Jones during NBA All Star weekend. Tiffany recently updated the project “Four Bullets Later”.

Photo by
One of my favorite restaurants in Scottsdale was the old Giants hangout, The Pink Pony. I have lots of fond memories of The Pony (like a late-night dinner after attending traffic school while covering Spring Training several years ago)…my good buddy Brad Mangin notes on his website that the Pink Pony indeed rides again!

Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban reinforces what I’ve been saying for a while: Print is still very relevant.

For those of you that grew up in the late 60’s through the mid-70’s there is no more polarizing event than the Watergate scandal. The cover-up clearly continued for years, even to the Nixon Presidential Library where there was a noticeable lack of information about it there. Now that the National Archives have taken over the Nixon Library, Watergate’s historic impact in now available in all of it’s audio, video and interactive glory. You can check out some of what’s available at this link.

Photo by
It’s funny that one of my favorite programs that inspires me so much visually is This American Life. And it’s a radio program! I listen to the show and I just imagine how I would photograph or capture video of the stories. This recent show on a court-run drug diversion program in both frightening and amazing.

I don’t know what it is about radio --- maybe because I minored in it in college --- but I find these kinds of stories so compelling and interesting I can’t help but want to share them. Here is a wonderful piece on the fascinating and sort of tragic life of Maila Nurmi, aka “Vampira”.

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