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|| News Item: Posted 2011-01-17

Annual Sports Shooter Contest Details Announced
New format for pros and students: Sports Portfolio. Read the details of how to enter.

By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter Newsletter

Photo by Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY

Photo by Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY

Create your sports portfolio using the "Hidden Gallery" feature on your member page. Follow the "Step-by-Step" instructions in this story for formatting, naming conventions and submitting your entry.

Big changes for the Sports Shooter Annual Contest!

This year we will be holding a sports portfolio competition to determine the best “Sports Shooter” of 2010 … The Sports Shooter Annual Portfolio Competition is born.

Rather than several individual categories, this year we will have just two: Pro and Student. For pros a portfolio must contain a minimum of 12 photographs and no more than 20 (the limit for the Hidden Gallery feature); for students a minimum of 10 photographs.

Portfolios should exhibit the photographer’s versatility and contain a variety of images to that end.

All images must have been taken in calendar year 2010. Long-term picture story projects included in a portfolio can contain images made before 2010 but must have been published in 2010.

Who can enter
Since submissions will be via the Hidden Gallery, only members are eligible to enter the contest.

You must be a member of in good standing at the time you submit your entry and at the time of the contest judging.

Note: If you are currently not a member of or had your membership lapse, as long as you become a member before the contest deadline, you are eligible to enter.

There are two categories: Pro and Student.

To enter the “Student Category” you must have been enrolled full-time in school when you made the photographs in your entry. Or working in an internship and not graduated from school when you made the photographs in the entry.

All others should enter in the “Pro Category”.

Submissions to the Sports Shooter 2010 Portfolio Contest is midnight Pacific time February 20, 2011. (Note: The day of the NBA All-Star Game.)

Entry submission
To enter the contest, you must build a portfolio through the “Hidden Gallery” feature.

1) Build a gallery: Go to your member page and follow the instructions to build a hidden gallery of your best sports images of 2010. Make sure to resize the images to the recommended specifications for galleries.

If you are logged into go to:

2) Name the portfolio: The naming convention is - Pro or Student underscore your member number. (Example: Pro_21 OR Student_ 6280)

To find your member number, check your member page to see the number at the end of the url. (Example: )

Photo by

Be sure to follow the directions for setting the background, text & link colors in your hidden gallery.
3) Important note:

4) Captions: Each image must have a complete caption. Remove bylines and publication references.

Example: 10/30/10 --- Los Angeles, CA: Oregon Ducks wide receiver Jeff Maehl (23) celebrates his first quarter touchdown against USC at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The #1 ranked Ducks rolled to a 53 - 32 win.

5) Double check your entry especially captions, naming convention, background, text and link colors.

6) Click the create portfolio button.

7) After the gallery has uploaded return to your member page and go to the Hidden Gallery area; click on the “download gallery to hard drive” link for the contest portfolio you just created. It will create a Zip file on your computer. DO NOT make your contest entry gallery public.

8) Email the Zip file to:
In the Subject line, type in: Student or Pro followed by your member number
(Example: Pro 21 or Student 6280)

9) In the body of the email, type in your full name, whether the entry is pro or student, who you shoot for/school you attend and the URL of the gallery.
(Example: )

(If you are not on staff or work regularly for a publication or organization, just list yourself as “freelance”.)

Including sports picture stories:
Picture stories that are sports or athlete – based can be included in your contest submission. Up to 10 images can be included as part of a picture story.

(Keep in mind that you have a total of 20 images in your entry portfolio.)

In the first photo of the picture story, write a brief synopsis about the picture story before that image’s caption.

Use the same title for each of the photographs in the picture story so the judges know it is a picture story.

The top winners of the Sports Shooter 2010 Portfolio Contest will receive cool prizes. PhotoShelter has donated memberships to their cool service. Other prizes will be announced next month once they are confirmed.

Judges will be announced next month. Any controversies or discrepancies with entries will be settled by the contest judges and are final.

Finalists in the contest will be judged March 13, 2011during an event that will be open to the public. The judging will be held at Fullerton College. Details will be announced next month.

The “fine print”
Failure to follow the rules could result in your entry being disqualified.

Digitally altered or over-manipulated images will be disqualified. Do not over-saturate, over-sharpen or alter your entry images. Any use of Photoshop or other image software should fall within the boundaries of standard editorial policies.

Winners will have their portfolios posted on and will be featured in a story in the monthly newsletter.

Contents copyright 2018, Do not republish without permission.
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