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|| News Item: Posted 2009-09-03

My Top 10 favorite things about football
David Eulitt of the Kansas City Star loves football.

By David Eulitt, Kansas City Star

Photo by David Eulitt / Kansas City Star

Photo by David Eulitt / Kansas City Star

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Damon Huard pumped his fist at the Whiteman Air Force pilots flying over Arrowhead Stadium in A-10 Thunderbolt planes prior to a contest against the Minnesota Vikings.
10. The tunnel scene. I love hearing the players' "motivational dialogue" before player introductions, with all of the helmet slapping, pad-punching, hopping-in-place pre-game adrenaline boost with the steely gazes of players bracing for battle.

9. The San Diego Chargers baby-blue throwback uniforms with the jersey number on the helmet. Perfection. The retro Dallas Cowboys uniforms with the white star helmets come in a close second place.

8. Flyovers by military planes right before kickoff. It's been done a lot, but it always fires up a crowd. Double points for a B2 Stealth sighting.

7. Walking from the parking lot to a high school stadium before a game between rival schools, the stands filled with students, parents and alumni, cheerleaders shouting in unison, a slightly out-of-tune marching band playing the same song you've heard for years... it's truly a piece of Americana.

6. Seeing the smoky haze rise from the parking lots surrounding Arrowhead Stadium before the Kansas/Missouri college or a Chiefs game, where virtually every fan becomes a pit master, ready to debate the best way to cook...all over cold beers, of course (insert your regional best tailgating experience here).

5. Hearing the 13 stadium-filling bell chimes in the introduction of AC/DC's "Hells Bells" during the Oakland Raiders introductions, followed by that great crunchy guitar riff, perfect for the Black Hole fans...which is the only thing I like about Raiders games in Oakland.

4. Feeling the heat of a stack of hand warmers in your coat pocket on a December night, thinking that might be the best invention ever for working outside on a really cold game.

3. Meeting a high school football player for a portrait, knowing he's really excited to be in the paper, only he wants to be too cool to show it, but you can see it in his eyes. Plus, he put on his game pads for the photo. You could ask him to do anything for the photo and he'll cooperate.

2. Showing up to a game 3 hours early to avoid traffic, but really, it's to shoot the bull with all of your colleagues that you only see at football games on the weekends. Some of the funniest jokes I've ever heard were in a photo workroom.

1. Sneaking in a chimping session after a big play.... and not cursing.

(David Eulitt is a staff photographer with the Kansas City Star and a frequent contributor to the Sports Shooter Newsletter. You can view his work on his member page: and at his personal website:

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