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|| News Item: Posted 2009-09-03

Leading Off: 'Nuff Said
By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter

Photo by

'Nuff Said --- Marvel Comics' Stan (The man) Lee. Unbeknownst to Robert Hanashiro, the Marvel Bullpen Bulletins were the inspiration for the Sports Shooter Newsletter.
When I started this, I had no real idea what I was doing. Or did I?

Before there was officially a Sports Shooter Newsletter, there was a vague concept to share information and stories and have a little fun. I sent out emails to a handful of friends and colleague, with basically some rants and raves I had. But deep down, I had a model for what I was doing --- I may not have been aware of my inspiration --- but it eventually became Sports Shooter.

Growing up in Fresno in the 60's there was not a whole lot going on --- many would say that hasn't changed much. But Sundays were special, a day I looked forward to. My dad Seico would awaken me early and we had this sort of ritual: Before going to church we would drive to Chinatown to the Nisei Barbershop for a haircut. While kids ordinarily don't look forward to getting a weekly flattop, what I did look forward to was going to the Greyhound Bus Depot. Like I said, there wasn't much going on in Fresno and the only place open early Sunday was the bus station where my dad and I would buy something to read, sit at the counter; he would drink coffee and I would have hot chocolate.

Every Sunday dad would pick up an out of town newspaper to read and I would get 50 cents to buy a comic book or two.

There were two kinds of comic book readers back then, you where either a D.C. guy or a Marvel guy. I was a Marvel guy.

Before being featured in mega-hit movies, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, the Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain American, the Sub-Mariner and Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and before that the leader of the Howling Commandos) these characters filled countless pages of Marvel books. But tucked away inside was the Marvel Bullpen Bulletins, a sort of newsletter devoted to the goings-on of the creative cast of characters that wrote, drew, inked and edited the comic books. Irreverent, filled with puns, contests and liberally made use of nicknames, it featured rants, raves and was full of fun...

Wow! Sound familiar?

Maybe it was the displays at the books stores promoting Marvel's 70th anniversary or the stories about Disney acquiring Marvel. But I've been thinking a lot about Marvel and how it probably was the seed for what eventually became the Sports Shooter Newsletter.

I've gotten several emails from readers of the Message Board asking where the heck the term I use at the end of posts 'Nuff Said came from ... well, like the beginning of my newsletter, it came from the pages of Marvel comic book.

Another regular feature of those 60's books was Stan's Soapbox a column by Marvel editor Stan (The Man) Lee. He often closed his column with "Excelsior!" and used a phrase as an exclamation point at the end of a comment: 'Nuff Said!

So I have taken to using Stan's classic ender when I make a final comment in the Message Board.

Despite some very negative and mostly vulgar emails I have received recently from fanboys of another website upset over my (and many other members) disagreement with them over keeping the integrity of our profession high ... I hope that Sports Shooter can keep that model of the 60's Marvel comic books ... fun.

* * *
Photo by

This month's required reading: "Slap Shot Original" by Dave Hanson.
The start of the football season is less than a week away and this issue of the Sports Shooter Newsletter features several articles about … what else … football. Written by Robert Beck, David Eulitt, Trent Nelson and Donald Miralle, they give insights into why they love covering football and also offering a few tips.

The downsizing of the newspaper industry touches everyone and we have a special article by Jenna Isaacson Pfueller about her and her husband Ed losing their newspaper job and landing on their feet in Washington D.C.

William DeShazer of the Chicago Tribune writes about covering his first professional golf tournament, the exciting Solheim Cup in this month's Cool Gig. Josh Lehrer explores a photographer's technical dilemma in his regular It's All In The Details column. Tyler Orsburn contributes this issue's Sports Shooter Destinations feature about working in Honduras and El Salvador.

This issue we start a new regular column I'm calling The Frugal Photographer which will feature do-it-yourself projects, lower-cost alternatives and other ways to save money of gear. Shawn Cullen writes this first column on making your own remote cords. Cool!

AquaTech's new collapsible lens hood for long glass is in the Photographer's Toy Box and Doug Murdoch's regular travel column discusses excess baggage.

As always, thanks to our newsletter sponsors Roberts Distributors, Samy's Camera and Adorama.

* * *

Heavy rotation listening this week is Kitty, Daisy & Lewis' debut self-title album ( and required reading this month is Slap Shot Original: The Man, the Foil, and the Legend by Dave Hanson (

As always, thanks to Special Advisors & Contributors: Deanna & Emma Hanashiro, Brad Mangin, Rod Mar, Trent Nelson, Jason Burfield, Grover Sanschagrin, Joe Gosen, Paul Myers, Myung J. Chun, Jared Dort, Josh Lehrer, Jordan Murph and Bob Deutsch.

Thanks this month to: Jenna Isaacson Pfueller, David Eulitt, Robert Beck, Donald Miralle, Shawn Cullen, Tyler Orsburn, William DeShazer

The comments, opinions and other nutty statements that the writers may have expressed, implied, imagined or made up are theirs and theirs alone. Sports Shooter, Inc. and published these articles in good faith with the purpose of education and inspiration.

Permission in writing must be obtained from Sports Shooter, Inc. and the author of the article before being reprinted.

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