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|| News Item: Posted 1999-10-22

We Got Mail!
Letters to Sports Shooter

By Robert Hanashiro

Photo by
Bitch & Moan


Two items to bitch about this week. Why does the University of Florida allow so many people on the sidelines at a football game, allof them with some sort of "credential", and most of them, just standing around, including some guy in a wheelchair, (he's been there every game I've been to this season) that is inches from the playing field and I know he would get killed, or a player would get hurt if the play came into him, there is no way he could move on that grass fast enough. In comparison to their in-state rival, Florida State, well, there is no comparison. There is plenty of space for photographers to move around, they ask photographers on the front row (closest to the field) to kneel, and photographers may stand behind them. But the biggest difference is the lack of people who should not be on the field, so we as professionals can do our work, and
Photo by
move up and down the field with ease. Maybe someone knows why UF, allows so many people on the sidelines, or maybe we can all band together and try and do something about it, what do ya think?

Beef Number 2: What is up with the food offered to photographers at NFL games? It is the absolute worst, and the worst for you. I can not, and will not eat one of those 'Death Dogs', which is all they offer photographers (the same hot dog with sauerkraut, for every game all season long) at Tampa Bay. But if you're a writer, in the press box, then its a different story, and a different meal. Granted it is free, but I would gladly pay for something better than those things. I've started leaving for the games earlier, so I can stop and get something decent to eat, prior to covering the game, so I don't have to eat one of those deadly things.

Gary Bogdon
Senior Photographer
The Orlando Sentinel

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