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|| News Item: Posted 2009-05-26

My Cool Gig: To Beantown and Back
By Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune

Photo by Scott Strazzante / Chicago Tribune

Photo by Scott Strazzante / Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune put Scott's mug on the top of the sports section promoting his trip.
It's a new world.

Back when I started in newspapers, before the cell phone, before the Internet and before auto focus digital cameras, photojournalists had one job- to take photos.

Now we take photos, shoot videos, collect audio, write blogs, do photo columns and take part in wacky newspaper stunts.

My wacky newspaper stunt took place on April 18.

With the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks in the playoffs together for the first time in over 10 years, I was assigned to photograph Game 1 of the 1st round of the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs and Game 2 of the 1st round of the NHL Western Conference playoffs.

The catch as that the NBA game was in Boston at noon and the NHL game was in Chicago at 8pm.

In addition to photographing the action, I was asked to document my trip from my arrival at O'Hare at 5am to the end of the Hawks' game at 11pm.

My Chicago Tribune editors decided to have my journey chronicled in a photo gallery with the occasional audio clip recorded on my camera.

During my 18-hour odyssey, I transmitted 67 photos and 8 audio clips.
The whole trip went amazingly smooth.

My flights were on time, the cab drivers took direct routes and most of my photos were in focus.

One of the more embarrassing moments was when I boarded my morning flight to Boston. A woman reading the Chicago Tribune did a double take as I walked onto the plane. Unbeknownst to be, the Trib had put my mug on the top of the sports section promoting my trip. At that point I knew it wasn't going to be a normal work day.

To see the entire day go to:

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