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|| News Item: Posted 2009-04-02

Spring Specials From Adorama
By Jeff Snyder

Photo by

Fat Gecko from Delkin
Welcome to Spring! In the coming weeks, the sound of cracking bats will fill the air, from school yards, to universities, to the MLB park near your home. Here in D.C., the Cherry Blossoms are about to pop open around the National Mall, which is quite the sight to see. So, it's time to get out of the house, and start to enjoy the sunshine, and fresh air….

This month I thought that I'd come up with some cool gadgets for mounting cameras outdoors, something a little bit different than your everyday tripod

Fat Gecko from Delkin

The Fat Gecko is a dual suction cup mount that allows all motor sport enthusiasts to quickly and easily create videos of their on and off the road adventures. With three attachment options - the suction cup mount, clamp-style handlebar mount, and crossbar bicycle mount - riders can film from any surface, any vehicle, and at any time.

The Fat Gecko suction cup mount allows users to secure cameras to motorcycles, cars, trucks, airplanes, or any other smooth surface. The blend of rugged design and ease of use makes Delkin's Fat Gecko camera mount optimal for use in all motor sports, from drifting to motocross. Fat Gecko's suction cups are so strong they can hold a three pound camera and the double knuckle design and 2" extension tube allow for 360° tilt, 360° turn & 360° rotation for all the best filming angles in any activity. I had the Fat Gecko mounted on a wall mirror at the DC Shootoff a few weeks ago, with a Nikon D3 and 24-70 2.8 lens on it ,and it was up for over 6 hours, and didn't budge. My son David has been mounting his D300 camera on the hood & window of his car, to create time-lapse videos. The results are very cool. Use the Fat Gecko for remote cameras, video cameras, point & shoots set on video mode for some different & fun angles. At $79.95, it's a bargain….Take a look:

Next up, for all the Cyclists out there…Our Flashpoint Bicycle Bracket ($37.95)

This High-Grade Alloy Bicycle Bracket allows you to mount any camera or video on your bike. It is available in two sizes, for 31.8mm or 25.4mm handlebars. You'll still need a ball head to put onto the bracket, so we suggest the Sunpak Medium Ball Head ($24.95)

So, How cool will it be to mount your camera on your handlebars, and shoot video clips or stills of your bike trip?

Have you seen this? Trek-Tech Optera 460, a Tabletop Stabilization System for DSLR's. Optera PRO 460 is the next generation of portable tripods-flexible, versatile and secure, with exclusive features not available in any other tripod. Comes complete with the patented MagConnect PRO for quick mounting and demounting of your equipment. TrekLock holds your camera on tight. Includes anti-rotation MagAdapter and cord and D-ring system for added stability. Optera PRO 460 comes with an extra long 460 mm leg to support up to a 400mm zoom lens ($59.95)

New from our Flashpoint line-up…

Flash point F-1428 Carbon Fiber Tripod, with 4 Leg Sections, Max Height of 72" and supports 26lbs. and at $329.95, it's less than half the cost of the big name brand Carbon Fiber Tripod legs. I've been showing these at trade shows in the past year, and they are getting great reviews and reactions from my customers. Another great way to save some $$$ from Adorama.

Photo by

Flashpoint Gimble Head
To compliment the F-1428, our new Flashpoint Gimble Head at $299.95 saves you over $200 the big name Gimble Head. Gimble Heads offer extreme stability for long lenses, with ease of operational tilts/swings.

Popular isn't the word….Think Tank Photo's new Shape Shifter Backpack's have been one of the most requested items lately. The Shape Shifter is the first backpack specifically designed to expand and contract to fit your gear.

It can be compressed to 3" in depth once your equipment is removed.
Holds two DSLR's, 70-200. 24-70, and a wide-angle lens, all with hoods. Once you remove your cameras & lenses, you can still carry up to a 17" laptop in a much smaller backpack! Worth a look for sure! Free Shipping on this too!

Nikon's new 35mm 1.8G AF-S DX lens is now available, and at $199.95, it's a GREAT deal for all of you with DX Cameras, such as D90, D100, D200, & the D300….EVERYTHING Nikon is in stock now…Check with me before you buy

Canon just announced the new Rebel T1i Camera, which offers a 15.1 Mega pixel sensor, 3" LCD, and full HD Video Capture…Looks & sounds very cool, and we hope to se them on the shelf in the next 60 days or so. The 5D Mark II Bodies are in stock, and available NOW. So if you've been waiting on the 5D Mark II, call me right away.

VIDEO? Of course you have an interest in what's going on in the video world…Adorama is your one stop shop for all your Video needs, from Cameras,

REMINDER---As I mentioned in last month's newsletter, Adorama is always receiving "refurbished" products from your favorite manufacturers. Refurbed Cameras & Lenses are a fantastic way for you to save some $$ in this tough economy. Call me, or email with what you're looking for, and let me check to see what we have for you.

Got a pile of gear that you'd like to convert to Cash? Or trade in towards newer technology? Adorama's Used Department can make that happen for you. We'll even send you a pre-paid shipping label to send us your equipment. Email or call me for details., our digital lab is now offering hardcover Photobooks, and fantastic prices. See the "Store" page for a great offer!

(Contact Snyder directly at email:; AIM: JSnyderAdorama or phone 301-652-4896; Fax 301-652-4971.)

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