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|| News Item: Posted 2008-12-21 by the numbers
Jared Dort says that numbers don't lie.

By Jared Dort, The Sun

Photo by Todd Spoth

Photo by Todd Spoth

Matt Roth has the sweetest beard on this site.
When the new issue of Sports Illustrated would come out, I'd nerd-up and hit the By the Numbers and Rick Riley column first. I know, I should have been going to Leading Off first, but I couldn't help it. I like numbers.

Numbers are hard to escape during the day. For example, they determine what time you're getting off work. They say what we will or won't make in 2009. What ISO you can get away with. How long it'll take to pay off that new gear.

Numbers don't lie, and there is no such thing as a dull one. Even the smallest, seemingly uninteresting number is still interesting, creating a paradox that's to complicated to write here.

Given that, I present to you by the Numbers. The odds are pretty good that it will be, at least, interesting.

31,675 - Threads on the message board, some of which are informative, and others off topic. Booyah!

27,000 - Average annual salary for a newspaper photographer in the U.S. That would be $32,305.51 in Canadian Dollars, the seventh most traded currency in the world.

26,000 - Average annual income for a waitress in the U.S., according to my friend Liz who works at In-N-Out Burger.

8,347 - Hands down, Matt Roth has the sweetest beard on this site. His beard is Michael McDonald epic, and that says a lot. Check it out in the fun pix ( Sorry Rafael Agustin Delgado, maybe next year. You needed just a little more Loggins.

6,828 - Okay, there's a lot of cool names here on SS. Drier Carr is good. Jeyhoun Allebaugh - like it. Wynn Rujiraviriyapinyo is awesome. Don't get me started with Nacho RP. But Adam Sings in the Timber, unbeatable. His member id is 6,828.

6,400 - ISO range on the Nikon D3 that rocks. Sorry Canon guys.

4,456 - Hours of daylight each year.

4,050 - Hours of daylight in Yuma each year. Didn't come up in my job interview.

3,175 - members, give or take.

2,374 - At the time I wrote this, this was the number of days since Anne Ryan's last update. I'm guessing by the time this comes out, it'll be 2,385. When Anne does update, I'd like to see 10 images of Jordan.

2003 - Year of the first Monthly Clip Contest. The first Photographer of the Year winner - Brian Davies.

2,000e - Who remembers the camera with this number at the end? Anyone? It started with NC, sometimes ended with an AP. I had one.

1,899 - Threads Walter Calahan's participated in, most of which come with a signature "grin". He signed up in 8-9-2002 and is definitely a "Senior" member.

733 - Book reviews on file in the archives.

Photo by Brad Mangin

Photo by Brad Mangin

Johnny from Blythe Freeway Towing, Inc. & Auto Repair fills up Brad Mangin's tank with gas on the side of Interstate 10 in the middle of the desert. Mangin ran out of gas on his way to spring training in 2004.
700 - Miles Brad Mangin drives one-way to shoot Spring Training in Arizona.

510 - Looking for a photographer in California? There's 510 of them.

499 - Photographers wishing they were part of the 510 in Cali.

379 - Hot dogs Chicago-based photog John J. Kim's consumed since moving there in February of 2004. It just goes to show how awesome Chicago hot dogs are. Circle K dogs - not as awesome.

120 - Dave and Davids in the Index. That's close to five percent of all SS members.

118 - Newsletters put out by the Kahuna since starting it's inception in 1998.

101 - The "King" of Fun Pix is Brad Mangin. That's the number of photos he's in. Max Morse has 60, and you know what, some of them were taken by Brad Mangin. Go figure. PS - The name Dave only garnered 85 results.

92 - Members who entered the clip contest for October. That's like, three percent of the members. Who's gonna throw down with Miralle?

86 - Fun Pix results when you type in "Hooters". Most of them are not what you'd expect.

70 - Point-lead for Karl-Goran Fougstedt in the Clip Contest. I couldn't find the function for the dots over the letter O on my keyboard, but regardless, solid lead. Solid lead indeed.

55 - Photographers from Arizona, my home state.

55 - A type of Polaroid film which is no longer made.

50 - Of these numbers. You're almost done.

45 - Percent of you who thought photo vests are "super lame". What would the Photodude say?

42 - Number of Andrews on the site, or 53 if the Andy's are Andrews.

40 - Photographers who haven't updated their page in two thousand days. Coincidentally, some of the best in the business are on that list.

31 - Votes for the Canon 200mm f1.8 in equipment profiles. That must be a sick lens. There's only five for the 200mm f2 from Nikon.

30 - Times "awesome" was used in the message boards during the month of October. That, in and of it's self, is awesome.

28 - Listings for Canon gear sold via the classifieds in November. What happened in November? Oh, that's right, the D3. Sorry Canon guys, the classifieds didn't date back to February of '07.

26 - Guys who'll wish they kept their Canon gear sometime in 2009.

25 - Price to be a member per year. That's two dollars a month, skipping a night at the theatre or the cost of 166 packages of Top Ramen.

20 - December 20th, 2006 to be exact. It's the last time Photodude wrote an article for SS. The last time. The headline was "The Photodude is BACK!!!." Okay then. Where did he go?

20 - For those of you building a portfolio, 20 solid images is enough. 22 if you're daring.

Photo by Robert Binder

Photo by Robert Binder

Rod Mar, center, shoots his last assignment for the Seattle Times as he photographs the Seahawks @ Rams game in St. Louis on December 14, 2008. Dilip Vishwanat is seen chimping on the right.
19 - December 11th, Seattle Times photographer Rod Mar announced he's retiring - from the paper. He's been there 19 years and has been the staple of Seattle sports. He's the bomb. Good luck Rod, I hope you're not playing trumpet professionally now.

18 - Ever wonder how many people named Aaron and Adam are members? Well don't. Can you say reaching...

11 - Dan Powers, Steve Apps, Michael P. King, Mickey Pfleger and the rest of the gang from Milwaukee sometimes shoot when the temperature is around 11 degrees, but only negative. That may be a generous number. Minneapolis has you beat, but they have domes, so it doesn't count. Lambeau.

9 - Articles in the inaugural SS newsletter. All nine were written by who, you guessed it, Robert Hanashiro. Eventually, more people got involved and in Issue 19, Bert had just two stories - one was Acknowledgments.

6 - "Let the inappropriates fly" is how Chuck Liddy occasionally qualifies a post in the message boards, and sometimes they do. It's interesting to note that Chuck is only inappropriate six in every 100 posts. BTW - getting Chuck and Walter in the same post is awesome.

6 - The number of the current Sports Shooter Academy.

5 - Sports Shooter Academy's Allan Campbell's been to. Possibly six in April. Allan's awesome and a good shooter. I'd go to seven if I had the chance.

4 - Full Sail Ambers to write this - probably why it gets funnier towards the end.

4 - South Dakotans on the site. See number 3.

3 - Where's my North Dakotans at? Only three of you on Road Island has a four-man lead. Heck, there's three photographers listed in Yuma, AZ. You can't let the South beat you.

2 - Photographer of the Year awards for Donald Miralle on I don't think it would have mattered if 2,000 of you entered, his stuff is money.

1 - Number of drinks you should buy at least one person who works in another department at your office this year. That's really bare minimum, though.

0 - Times you should complain about your job in 2009. At this point, you are lucky to have one.

DISCLAIMER: Some of these numbers may have changed since I wrote this Dec. 18th, and I just put away another Full Sail Amber, so forgive me if my math doesn't add up in the future.

(Jared Dort is a staff photographer for the Yuma Sun in the beautiful, and often hot, desert southwest. He likes to cook steak and watch Star Wars on his days off with his kids. You can view more of his work at and on this website

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