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|| News Item: Posted 1999-09-27

We've Got Mail! Letters to Sports Shooter
By Robert Hanashiro

Thanks for SS v.11. I just had to add my 2cents to PMR's piece.

Yes the NFL Europe has a lot of unhappy photographers, but it's the only way I can cover the league for my paper. The perimeter advertising boards have been here since 1991 so it's a case of getting use to them. It makes shooting when kneeling a bit difficult though.

I must admit that the NFL Film guys are always mindful of not getting in your way. That can't be said for the Fox TV guys. The "we pay for this, so we can stand where the hell we like" attitude is all too common.

During a game in Edinburgh this past season, a TV runner tapped me on the shoulder and ask me to not stand in the endzone because the TV boys could not see into the corner. There were only 5 photogs along the entire endzone! I told him to take a hike or words to that effect and carried on shooting. The NFL Europe is not only a farm league for the players but testing ground for Fox as well. You have been warned.

On another matter, be grateful that you guys in the States are able to take 2 pieces of cabin luggage on board with you. British Airways will only allow you to take one piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 11lbs. This is strictly enforced at check-in and at departure gate. This makes it a task week in week out, to sneak by a 400/2.8 and a bag containing the bare minimum of 2 bodies, lenses and PowerBook, etc.

I enjoy the newsletter and hope the crush at this year's S.B. in Atlanta will not be as intense as Miami was.

Sean Ryan
(Under contract to "Firstdown" Europe's only weekly American Football newspaper.)

Hey Bert!

A funny sports list I'm sure your readers will love.
The Top 13 Differences if Animals Played Professional Sports:
13) Team of trainers required to get Charlie Centipede's ankles taped by game time.
12) Dennis Rodman FINALLY fits in.
11) Martina Hingis no longer the only bitch on the pro tennis tour.
10) Only jackasses allowed in professional wrestling. Never mind.
9) New comedy bit: "What's on first?"
8) Fido's big "touchdown dance" consists of trying in vain to catch his tail.
7) Giraffe outfielders put a serious dent in Mark McGwire's home run production.
6) Mike Tyson put to sleep for biting.
5) No one has yet managed to tackle the team's new running back, Paul Porcupine.
4) Sports bras now available with 8 cups.
3) The Chicago Bears have to forfeit second half of the season when the entire team goes into hibernation.
2) Marge Schott? Still a cow.
1) Only one camera required to cover the hamster marathon.


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