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|| News Item: Posted 2008-12-21

My Top 5 Cool Things for 2008
By Matt Brown

Photo by Matt A. Brown

Photo by Matt A. Brown

Dodger fans Malcolm, 4 (right) and Willem, 2.
5. Getting hit in another national televised game. The hit from Colt's Dallas Clark was number 3 for TV, 11 over all. I had over 10,000 people go to my website the next day. It was a tough way to get traffic. Still can't top the hit from Mr. O'Neal.

4. Coming home from a long day of work only to find my wife Antoinette watching sports. Lakers, Dodgers or football. Not to see me on TV, but really watching the sport. When we first meet she didn't know a 4-3 defense from a box in one. Now she telling Kobe scored 40 or Manny home again.

3. Shooting Cal State Fullerton Men's Basketball team go to the big dance for the first time in 30 years. Yes the NCAA sent us to Omaha, the baseball teams stop every year. The guys had a great time and will be talking about for years. Just being able to capture it was a blast.

2. Watching two of my sons become huge Los Angeles Dodger fans. My boys Malcolm age 4, and Willem age 2 falling love with baseball and Manny. Yes Manny Ramirez some how made my boys baseball fans. They would watch Dodger games for 3 months. Every time he was up to bat everything stopped. I would throw to them in the back yard for most of the summer. Even now they both like to look at the photos I took of him during that time.

1. Doing any shooting with my oldest son Grant. We did the 2008 Men's Volleyball Final Four, College Basketball, Sports Illustrated photo shoots and baseball games. At 15 nobody packs my gear up as good and as fast as him. I'm the luckiest Dad in the world. I have a son how at 15 who still wants to spend time with.

So that is my top 5 for the year. I hope 1 and 4 make the list next year. We are waiting on Manny and staying away from hard-hitting athletes.

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