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|| News Item: Posted 2008-09-04

Olympic Moments: Robert Hanashiro
By Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY

Photo by Robert Hanashio / USA TODAY

Photo by Robert Hanashio / USA TODAY

In an explosion of sand, the USA's Phil Dalhausser blocks a spike by Brazil's Fabio Luiz during the men's beach volleyball finals at the Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground.
I admit it, I'm an "action" guy.

When you go to the Olympics you always have these grand plans, especially if this is your 10th (or is it 11th?) - you want to see this sport, you want to see that sport, you want to do what is ALWAYS the catch phrase: "I want to do something DIFFERENT." Or as my colleague Bob Deutsch puts it "Make PRETTY pictures."

At wrestling I wrestled with the idea of "going up" and shooting from as high as possible go capture the lines and color of the mat.

At softball I tossed around the idea of shooting from the furtherest spot from home plate, behind the fans in the centerfield bleachers.

At basketball it occurred to me that maybe shooting with a wide angle instead of a telephoto would give me that Rich Clarkson "sense of time and place".

But in reality if you are COVERING an Olympics, like you should cover any news or sports event, you want to TELL THE STORY in your photographs.

For me through the years, my "doing something different" has been shooting tight- tighter - and even tighter.

Getting a break from covering what seemed like my 15th basketball game -as a matter of fact it would have been my 15th basketball game - I covered the beach volleyball medal matches.

Shooting the AVP each summer I know the sport and I know the athletes, but this being for "the gold" it wasn't a time to play around and shoot the matches from say a cellphone tower across the street.

Greg Pearson and I divided up the court, so at least one of us would have a clean(er) shot at the jube when the American men's team of Todd Roger and Phil Dalhausser won the match and the gold medal.

THE story of the match was Dalhausser's blocking exhibition to win 5 straight points at the end of the second game of the match.

So my little contribution to this AWESOME collection of Olympic Moments doesn't have pretty colors or cool reflections or provocative lines - heck it doesn't even have a face! - it's just a TIGHT photograph of the ball careening off of Dalhausser's hands in an explosion of sand.

Something "different" an "action guy" would shoot.

Mahalo and thanks to all of the photographers that contributed to this collection of photographs and stories from the Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

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